Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC) in France

In French institutions of higher education, French and international students are required to pay an administrative fee known as the CVEC. It helps to fund student services and activities in the areas of social life, health, culture, and sports. In this article, KEDGE will try to answer your frequently asked questions regarding the CVEC fee, ways of payment, and cases of exemption from it.

What is the CVEC?

Before enrolling in a higher education institution in France, you must absolutely obtain your Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC: Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus) attestation, either through payment or exemption. You will have to show proof of payment or a notice of exemption to register at KEDGE. This administrative fee is compulsory for all undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students from France and abroad. It must be paid at the beginning of each academic year. 

The CVEC fee was adopted in March 2018 under the new law "Student Success and Orientation". This mandatory contribution aims to strengthen the social, health, cultural, and sports support of French and international students, as well as reinforce prevention and health education actions carried out for them. 

The amount of the CVEC for the 2022/23 academic year is €95. You may be exempt from paying it, depending on your situation. 

Exemptions from the CVEC fee

You are exempt from paying the CVEC administrative fee in France: 

  • If you are a student of executive education programmes, usually paid for by an employer;
  • If you are an exchange student and not administratively registered in a higher education institution in France;
  • If you receive a scholarship managed by CROUS or the French government;
  • If you have been granted “subsidiary protection” in France.

You must register on the official CVEC website, even if you are exempt from the administrative fee. You will then be able to download an exemption notice for your further registration at KEDGE.

If you become exempt from the fee, you are eligible for a CVEC refund. To get a reimbursement, you should apply to CROUS before May 31 of the current academic year.

How to pay the CVEC administrative fee in France?

You can complete the whole payment process and obtain your CVEC attestation online just before your arrival in France.

To pay the administrative fee and obtain your certificate, you must:

  1. Create a personal account on;
  2. Then log into to proceed with payment.  

Both websites are available in English.

You can download our tutorial explaining in detail how to pay the CVEC fee.

The CVEC administrative fee: document checklist.

You will need the following documents to proceed with the CVEC payment:

  • Your passport or ID card; 
  • Your residence permit/student visa (ajouter un lien vers la page) ;
  • Confirmation of registration at KEDGE. 

If you do not have a confirmation of registration yet, you must provide a dated and signed sworn statement confirming that you are in the process of registering at the French higher education institution for the current or coming academic year.

How can I pay the CVEC fee?

There are three ways of paying the CVEC fee:

  • Payment using a bank card, with an immediate issue of the certificate;
  • Payment by a third party using a bank card, with an immediate issue of the CVEC certificate once the third party has made the payment;
  • Payment in cash at a post office, with two days’ delay before the attestation of payment is issued.

For further information and help, do not hesitate to contact our international student associations upon your arrival in France:

They will guide you with the administrative procedures and give advice on:

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