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VISA Procedure

How and where to apply for a visa to France

International students from outside the European Union need a long-stay student visa (VLS-TS) to come to France for their studies. 

There are two possible ways to apply for your visa: 

Details on “Study in France" process 

This is a compulsory procedure for international students from the countries mentioned. The French consulate will refuse all requests if you contact them directly. 

The procedure has several steps and can be similar to a recruitment process. Even if you are already accepted by KEDGE, it is essential that you follow all the steps to the end which will lead to your application for a study visa. 


This procedure is compulsory, non-waivable and not free of charge.

To start the procedure, click on this link to the official website and click on Register.

Select the "Espace Campus France" in your country and fill in the form to create an account on the "Study in France" platform; you will obtain an identification number and then follow the different steps (verification of documents, payment, interview etc.).

If you have any questions about the "Study in France" procedure, you should first contact your local Campus France office.  To find it, click on the following link: 

Furthermore, due to a certain delay in processing, we advise you to start this procedure as soon as you are informed of your admission. Visa applications are processed three months before the date of departure, so do not wait until the last minute or you may not get your visa in time.

KEDGE complementary process

If you need a student visa during your stay in France, KEDGE will only validate your school registration file and issue your student ID after receiving a copy of your French visa.

To get your French visa you may need:

  • an acceptance letter (admission certificate): it will be available in the registration form (usually page 11) that you will receive from by email once you have been accepted.
  • a Housing Certificate: contact our housing advisor

Note that if you need a certificate with a specific address on it, you need to book a housing first and then send your request with your booking receipt

As soon as you get your French visa, please log back on Campus Virtuel and upload a copy of your French student visa under the following section: Administrative Information > Submit your documents.

NB:  a workshop dedicated to visa matters will take place during the orientation session

Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC)

This contribution is compulsory for any person studying in France, except for exchange students.

Its aim is to improve student’s life conditions by organizing events, supporting them in social or medical issues etc….
It costs 92€ per academic year (September-January.)

You can pay it online on the following this link.

It is a quick process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose the city you will be studying in
  3. Pay the fee
  4. Receive your CVEC certificate and upload it on your Campus Virtuel

You can download a tutorial explaining how to pay the CVEC by following this link.

Health insurance (CPAM)

By law, all students coming to study in France for 3 months or more are required to register for the French Student Health insurance. This registration must be done on 

  • European citizens: you must provide a European Health Insurance Card
  • Students from Québec: you must provide your signed and stamped SE-401-Q-106 form
  • Students coming for less than 3 months: you will have to provide a proof of private health insurance coverage upon your arrival in order to be admitted in classes and be given your Student ID card.

You can download a dedicated tutorial to register for French Health Insurance (CPAM) upon your arrival following this link.

Housing Insurance (Mandatory)

Upon arrival, all tenants are legally required to buy an insurance for their room/apartment (against flooding, fire or natural disaster as well as theft).

This document is necessary to check-in at most residences and landlords on the first day to get your keys.

Do not hesitate to contact our housing advisor for advice: 


  • Public transportation:
  • French Bank account:
    • In Bordeaux, the student association Melting Potes will guide you upon your arrival
    • In Marseille, the student association Interact will guide you upon your arrival 
  • Phone/ internet subscriptions:
    • In Bordeaux, the student association Melting Potes will guide you upon your arrival
    • In Marseille, the student association Interact will guide you upon your arrival 

Contact us

Bordeaux and Paris Campuses

Housing Advisor - Student Services 
+33 (0)5 56 84 63 26

Marseille and Toulon Campuses

Housing Advisor - Student Services
+33 (0)4 91 82 73 22

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