Fight against all types of discrimination

Diversity, exclusivity, well-being and health of members of the KEDGE community (employers, employees, students, staffs) are at the core of the school's philosophy and values. KEDGE has been involved in the fight against sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexism, and homophobia for several years.
Through its wellness service, the school has put into place a process / policies for reporting and addressing these types of situations. If you have been sexually harassed, if you have experienced sexual, sexist or homophobic violence or if you know of a classmate or colleague that has experienced this type of situation, you can request a meeting with members of the KEDGE Reporting Unit by writing to:


Members of the Reporting Unit are available to meet with you, listen to you and provide guidance as needed to specialised resources: psychological support, legal process, educational support, complaint procedure  and more.

What do we mean when we talk about sexual harassment and sexual, sexist or homophobic violence?

KEDGE tackles harassment and punishes perpetrators

The topics of diversity, well-being and the health of members of the KEDGE Business School community are central to our school’s values and philosophy.

KEDGE says no

Situations involving sexual harassment, sexual aggression, discrimination, sexist or homophobic behaviour also exist in higher education and research establishments. Although often associated with the...

KEDGE insists on consent

Where sexual consent is concerned, the old saying “silence means consent” does not apply: if it’s not a clear and obvious YES, then it’s NO.

KEDGE listens and reports

The members of the Sexual Harassment Reporting Unit are on hand to meet you, to listen to you and if necessary to refer you to specialised professionals.

Resources and contacts

Resources and contacts: Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Paris and multi-campus