KEDGE listens and reports


A  Reporting Unit

If you have been sexually harassed, if you have experienced sexual, sexist or homophobic violence or if you know that a classmate or colleague has experienced this type of situation, you can request a meeting with members of the KEDGE Reporting Unit by writing to:

Members of the Reporting Unit are available to meet with you, listen to you and provide guidance as needed to specialised resources: psychological support, legal process, educational support and more.

The Reporting Unit is not a disciplinary body. It will communicate the facts and testimonies gathered to the Oversight Unit, which will decide on any protection and/or disciplinary measures to implement or appropriate action to take.

KEDGE has the duty to notify the relevant authorities about crimes of which the consequences could still be prevented or limited or the perpetrators of which are liable to commit new crimes that could be prevented - Article 434-1 of the French criminal code.

An Oversight Unit

The Reporting Unit forwards information to the Oversight Unit, which is composed of:

  • KEDGE general management, represented by its campus directors.
  • The KEDGE Legal and compliance Director.
  • The Dean of the Faculty.
  • The Dean of inclusion.
  • Representatives from other departments depending on the situation encountered: The Faculty Dean, the Human Resources director, Internships/Learning Manager, the Learning by Doing Department and the School’s student associations, the Community Manager, etc.

The Oversight Unit works to prevent all types of discrimination, sexual harassment and sexist, sexual or homophobic violence by adopting measures intended to prevent any new inappropriate behaviour and to protect victims as well as the entire KEDGE community (employers, employees, faculty members, students).

In accordance with its rules and regulations, KEDGE will envisage disciplinary procedures and possibly criminal proceedings in the event of non-compliance with its diversity-related principles.

KEDGE is legally obligated to notify the relevant authorities about crimes and complaints of which the consequences could still be prevented or limited or the perpetrators of which are liable to commit new crimes that could be prevented - Article 434-1 of the French criminal code.

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