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KEDGE Business School PhD Students

Welcome to the Directory of KEDGE PhD Students. As of September 2021, our PhD Programme consists of 21 students.

They come from a range of occupational and disciplinary backgrounds; yet they all share the aim of conducting cutting-edge research and playing an active role in the international scholarly community.


Lael is a PhD student at the Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain (CESIT). His research focuses mainly on transport planning at a city level, in particular, determining the infrastructure needed to satisfy the new mobility paradigms that will arise with the transition towards electric vehicles (both in public and in individual transport). This includes questions about charging station location, line planning and scheduling and impact on the electric grid.
Very curious and passionate about learning, he is also interested in other sustainability issues such as food waste (he is co-author with Dr. Yann BOUCHERY and Dr. Zied BABAI of a paper soon to be submitted about the impact of retailers on food waste at home), and generally interested in other topics such as entrepreneurship, languages and cultural changes due to new technologies.
He completed his MSc in Industrial Engineering at the University Jean Monnet- Saint-Etienne in 2022, and has a bachelor’s degree in the same discipline from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (Mexico).

Diana Carolina ARCILA PERDOMO     

Diana Arcila is a research assistant and doctoral student in the field of customer experience and memory investigation at KEDGE and L'université de Bordeaux. Before her current role, Diana worked at Wavemaker, an international communications agency, where she managed marketing campaigns for Netflix, Cartier, American Airlines, and Colgate, among other brands. She has also been working as a professor since 2019 previously at the University of La Sabana and now at KEDGE. Those two positions drove her to understand more about customers’ minds in the academy. 
She is interested in researching memory, customer experience, and customer behavior in the food, wine, and hospitality industry.

Bouchra BACHA

Bouchra BACHA obtained her BA and MA in Operations Research at the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene in Algiers, Algeria; she is currently a research assistant at KEDGE Business School in BORDEAUX. Her research interests centre around food waste in the last two phases of the supply chain (stores and homes) specifically the impact of stores and customers' inventory decisions on food waste. For her PhD thesis, she is working under the supervision of Yann BOUCHERY and Zied BABAI. 

Reynald BRION 

PHD Reynald Brion KEDGE BS

Reynald Brion is a research assistant studying for a PhD in Marketing. After graduating from the Programme Grande Ecole (PGE) at KEDGE Bordeaux and joining the Bordeaux IRGO Institute (Institute for research in organisation management), he is completing his thesis within the KEDGE Marketing department. His research topics mainly focus on consumer behaviour especially in the sports, video games, and leisure industries.

Svetlana de CHABOT

Svetlana de CHABOT is a PhD student at the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability at KEDGE Business School in Marseille. Before enrolling in the PhD Programme Svetlana gained significant experience in purchasing and supply chain management  across geographically diverse and multicultural environments of several international FMCG companies. Her thesis focuses on practising social sustainability in supply chain management. Svetlana is passionate about organisational culture, people development with a specific interest and success in championing diversity and inclusion.
She holds a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from Grenoble School of Management (GEM) and a Master’s in Human Resources management from the State University of Management, Moscow. 
Research title: "Supply chain management: Practising social inclusion and diversity in emerging countries and assessing the impacts on upstream supply chain.

Marlena CISZEK

Marlena is a Research Assistant and a Ph.D. Candidate at the Centre of Excellence for Marketing and New Consumption at KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux. 
Prior to joining KEDGE, she worked as a Lecturer in Business Management at Oxford Business College. Marlena also gained professional experience in the areas of marketing, sales and administration of education.
She holds a Master’s degree with Distinction in Marketing and Brand Management from Oxford Brookes University. Earlier she studied Business Management at the University of Warsaw (Poland) and Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). Her research interests include sustainable consumption and corporate social responsibility.


PHD Noémie Dehling KEDGE BS

Graduated with a Bachelor's degree  in Political Sciences (UQAM, Canada) and a Master's degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology (EHESS, Paris), Noémie DEHLING has worked on various themes as identity-building processes in moral communities, social movements or the internationalisation of academic institutions.   
After an academic experience grounded in Social Sciences, she specialised in Marketing research as a qualitative research project. Currently enrolled in KEDGE Business School PhD programme, her work is developed around the field of Consumer Culture Theory and focus on the value of silence in the enterprise/consumer relationship.   


Portrait Alicia Gallais

Alicia Gallais is an enologist who graduated from the University of Bordeaux before joining KEDGE Business School in 2019. She graduated top of her class for the MSc programme in Wine and Spirits Management. During that year she started getting interested in CSR and diversity in the wine industry and their impact on consumers.  

She is now a research assistant and PhD student in the Food, Wine and Hospitality Centre of Excellence, studying the impact of new CSR initiatives on consumers, specifically regarding social responsibility and diversity.  

She previously worked in wine production as an entrepreneur, giving her strong ties / connections to the reality of the field. 

Mickaël GAURY  

PHD Mickael Gaury KEDGE BS

Mickael Gaury is a Research Assistant in the PhD programme 'Supply Chain and Logistics'. He holds a Master's degree in Operations Research and Decision Support from the University of Bordeaux and is preparing his PhD thesis at KEDGE in humanitarian logistics. He is particularly interested in the preservation of the environment, which is why he is involved in associations aimed at cleaning up places polluted by Man.  

Paola GIOIA  

PHD Paola Gioia KEDGE BS

Paola GIOIA studied Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Sciences with a specialisation in Socio-environmental Sustainability of Agri-food Networks. In the course of her career she has dealt with soundscape ecology, narration of territorial gastronomic specialities, labelling for correct consumer information and stimulation of the local economy of mountain areas through the recovery and valorisation of identity crops and cultural heritage. Interested in the approach of the Theory of Consumer Culture and the role of marketing for a more responsible consumption and production, her research at KEDGE aims to understand if territorial brands can help the process of reterritorialisation of the supply chain now de-localised by industrialisation and globalisation.


PHD Mélissa Gutberlet KEDGE BS

Melissa is a PhD Student at the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability and investigates enablers and barriers to a transition to a Circular Economy. Before coming to Bordeaux, she was working as a Research Fellow at the Smart City Innovation Lab at Católica Lisbon. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Management from the University of Amsterdam and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics from the Goethe-University Frankfurt. In addition, she has gained practical experience in finance, international strategy and business development.  


PHD Ricardo Henriquez Salman KEDGE BS

Ricardo joined KEDGE in 2019 within the MSc Sustainable & Corporate Finance. He then joined CANDRIAM-KEDGE: Finance Reconsidered research chair as a research assistant. 

Ricardo works on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria for assets allocation (Equities and Bonds). The objective is to measure the impact of ESG on the quality and asset returns, tools for analysing portfolio performance, estimating financial risks and gauging their alignment with the various climate objectives. 

Ricardo holds a Master’s degree in Development Economics and a BA in Applied Maths from the University of Bordeaux. 

Jiequan HONG

I studied Industrial Engineering (supply chain management) at South China University of Technology and acquired a Master’s degree in 2014. 

The projects I used to participate in referred to information sharing, airline service, power material logistics, and innovation management.  

My research topic is on the role of donation contracts and electronic methods for supply stabilisation of food banks. And I hope the outcome of it would give some contribution to ‘Zero Hunger’ (World Food Program – United Nations).  

In my personal life, volunteering, cooking, and sports are my preferable activities and I  would love to share these experiences with you. 

Mellila KECHIR  

PHD Mellila Kechir KEDGE BS

Mellila KECHIR is a Research Assistant for the PhD programme 'Supply Chain and Logistics'. She holds a Master's degree in Operational Research and Decision Support from the University of Bordeaux and is preparing her doctoral thesis at KEDGE in the field of Supply Chain and e-commerce. She is interested in the application of discrete mathematical optimisation methods and techniques on urban logistics and the supply chain. 

Daniil KHACHAI  

PHD Daniil Khachai KEDGE BS

Daniil Khachai obtained his Master's degree from the Ural Federal University (UrFU) in 2019 and started his doctoral thesis at KEDGE in 2020 under the supervision of Professor Olga Battaïa. His research focuses on the optimisation of supply chain design and operations. He has co-authored over 12 articles written in English and published in peer-reviewed journals, conferences and workshops in the fields of operations research, data mining and machine learning. He has been a speaker at several international conferences: AIST 2014, CAAI 2015, OPTIMA 2015, IFAC MIM 2016, AITA 2016, AIST 2017, OPTIMA 2017, IFAC MIM 2019. 



PHD Claire Lamoureux KEDGE BS

After three years promoting the post-graduate programmes at KEDGE, Claire Lamoureux is returning to her original career as a wine engineer by preparing a thesis on the impact of wine tourism on the economic performance of wine companies. Indeed, she completed a degree from Bordeaux Sciences Agro with a viticulture and oenology major, an NOD from the faculty of oenology of Bordeaux, a technical training with a specialised master's degree in international trade of wine and spirits at Burgundy School of Business and became an engineer. She worked nearly 10 years for the wine industry in France and abroad, on the issues of domain transactions, search engine development (, in New Zealand) and the Grands Crus trade. She now firmly wishes to move towards applied research in a sector she truly cares about, and teach postgraduate programmes in the field of management of wine companies. 


PHD Johan Lévêque KEDGE BS

Johan Lévêque is a doctoral student in the second year of the CIFRE agreement with KEDGE Business School, the University of Bordeaux and the La Poste Groupe. His thesis focuses on the "design of urban distribution networks in soft mode", in which he is particularly interested in the organisation, optimisation and implementation of parcel distribution networks based on the use of cargo bikes in the city centers of large metropolis. With a master's degree in operations research, he previously worked as an R&D engineer in the field of maritime transport. 


Billy Xiaohang LIN

Billy is a strategic composer at the Centre of Excellence in International Business whose research focus is on global strategy and the internationalisation of enterprises. During his early career and education, Billy participated in various ranges of projects where he developed knowledge and experience in strategy consulting, financial services, and change management. Due to a strong passion in Business and Strategy, Billy started his PhD journey in the exploration of knowledge and is on his way to become a future researcher. With the essential lead of his supervisors, Billy is now combining his data analytics and quantitative techniques with his research where he uses insights and trends to support the formulation and implementation of strategy.
Before enrolled in KEDGE, Billy was educated at University of Sheffield for his Bachelor’s Degree and University of Surrey for his Master’s Degree, where he studied Finance, International Business, and Management. As part of his hobbies, he likes exploring the origins of things with a little embellishment of philosophy. 


Luciano NEPOMUCENO CARVALHO is a PhD student at the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability at KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux. After completing his MBA in Brazil, Luciano came to Berlin, Germany, to study at the IUBH International University, where he obtained an MA focusing on Leadership and Strategy. In the past, he worked as a team leader in the consulting field but also has experience as a project manager. Among his multidisciplinary research interests, Luciano is committed to investigate and identify patterns which might justify sustainability and elasticity of business’ ecosystems at various levels, supporting leaders in their strategic decision-making. 


Portrait Angie Ramirez PHD KEDGE

Angie Ramírez is a doctoral student under a double-degree agreement between KEDGE Business School and Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia. She is an Industrial Engineer and MSc in Process Design and Management from Universidad de La Sabana. In addition, between 2020 and 2021 she completed two virtual research internships in the Operations Management and Information Systems department at KEDGE, where she worked on the optimization of urban logistics systems in the city of Paris. Her research interests are focused on urban logistics, sustainability and supply chain management. With three years of experience in developing research projects in the framework of simulation and optimization of urban logistics systems.

Jagannath SANYAL 

Portrait Jagannath Sanyal PHD KEDGE

Jagannath Sanyal is a doctoral student at the Center of Excellence for Marketing, KEDGE Business School. He has a deep tenacity to understand different layers of consumer culture. His doctoral research work revolves around exploring the impact of visibility on consumers, influencers, and celebrities. 

Academically, he has a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and Management (BITM), two years Post Graduation Diploma in Management program, specializing in Marketing from the All India Management Association (AIMA).  He has also completed the triple-crowned MBA, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability from KEDGE Business School, France.  

As far as his professional background is concerned, he is a marketer with 17 years of experience in digital marketing. He has worked with fortune organizations such as Accenture, mid-level IT product-based companies such as Cvent Inc., and Info-Pro Digital, and small start-ups such as Chivalry Systems. Before joining the KEDGE Ph.D. program, he was a Global Marketing Head for a US-based global IT Consultancy firm, InterraIT Inc. 

Saoussane SRHIR

PHD Saoussane Srhir KEDGE BS

Saoussane Srhir is a research assistant and doctoral student in the field of Sustainable Supply Chains at KEDGE Business School and at La Sabana University in Colombia. After completing her degree in international management at EM Lyon Business School in France, her curious and adventurous spirit took herto Istanbul, Turkey, where she obtained her two master's degrees. The first in financial economics at Bahcesehir University in 2017, and the second obtained with excellence in production management, after having written a dissertation entitled "The integration of Blockchain in supply chain management" at the University of Marmara in 2020. Observation and analysis are her assets for further research. She believes that we are part of a time when technology is the driving force behind the success of any organisation. Blockchain is one of the technologies that interests her. Her research areas will revolve around sustainable supply chains, supply chain management, business management, logistics and Blockchains. 


Mengyao SUN

Sun Mengyao is a PhD student at Kedge Business School. She got her master's diploma from Audencia Business School in France. Before joining Kedge, she worked as a professor assistant at Audencia Business School, specializing in job satisfaction, turnover, well-being, work and life balance and across-culture management. In particular, she is interested in the factors that affect supervisors' reactions to employees' voice endorsement. Her other areas of work mainly include employees turnover in China. And she has previously published a paper in the journals Emerald Relation. She also had two years of teaching experience and worked as a team leader in an educational institution, during this period, she won the National Emerging Teacher Award. 


Portrait Alice Thébault

Alice THEBAULT, PhD student in economics. Before becoming an academic, Alice worked for an international air brokerage company specialising in the transportation of hazardous materials. She obtained her master's degree at the Sorbonne in Paris and then joined KEDGE to pursue her thesis. Her research topic in maritime transport focuses on the study of emission control areas in the Mediterranean basin combining econometric and geopolitical analyses.   

Phan Thuy Dung NGUYEN 

PHD Phan Thuy Dung Nguyen KEDGE BS

Dung NGUYEN is a doctoral student in the field of operations management and logistics at Kühne University of Logistics since September 2019. Her research focuses on urban retail logistics under the supervision of Professor Walid Klibi (KEDGE), Kai Hoberg (KLU) and Professor Jan Fransoo (KLU). In addition to being a doctoral student at KLU, she works simultaneously for KEDGE Business School (Bordeaux, France) where she conducts research and teaching activities. Before joining the KLU doctoral programme, she obtained her MSc in Supply Chain and Transport Management and Optimisation at IMT Atlantique (Institut Mines-Télécom) in France. Dung also did her research internship in the Department of Automation, Production and Computer Science (DAPI) at this school, where her master's thesis was on Stochastic Optimisation of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in a context of deadlines uncertainty. In addition, Dung gained practical experiences in logistics during her internship in the garment and textile industry and in project management while working for the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in Vietnam. 


Mahyar TAHERI  

PHD Mahyar Taheri KEDGE BS

Mahyar Taheri is a doctoral candidate in the field of sustainable operations management and logistics at Kühne University of Logistics since February 2020. In his research he focuses on the circular supply chain for reusable packaging under supervision by professor Yann Bouchery (KEDGE), professor Jan Fransoo and Prof. Sandra Transchel (KLU). In addition to being a doctoral student at KLU, he works simultaneously for KEDGE Business School (Bordeaux, France) as a research assistant where he carries out research and teaching activities. Prior to KLU, he obtained his Master's in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tehran. During his master's programme, he specialised in manufacturing systems and supply chain management. In his master's thesis, he worked on the design of a dynamic cellular manufacturing system coupled with supply chain design. Mahyar obtained his bachelor's degree from the University of Tabriz. 


PhD student at the Centre of Excellence for Sustainability at KEDGE Business School in Marseille. 
Master in Southeast Asian Studies from El Colegio de México (Mexico), Political Scientist and International Negotiator from EAFIT (Colombia) and Strasbourg School of Management (France).
During her professional career, she has worked at EAFIT University in Colombia as manager of internationalization strategy, professor, consultant and research assistant in international affairs. She has also worked in the public sector as an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.
Her thesis focuses on CSR, environmental governance and peacebuilding, with an analysis of multinational mining companies in the PDET territories in Colombia. She aims to propose new approaches that allow conceptual, public policy and organizational culture recommendations in CSR and peacebuilding areas.


Portrait Domenic Winfrey

Domenic Winfrey is a PhD student in the Marketing and New Consumption Centre of Excellence at KEDGE. He has a Bachelor's Degree in General Business from Boise State University, a Master's in International Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington as well as a Master's in International Marketing from the University of Valencia, Spain, both as part of the International Business School Alliance programme.   

Domenic's research interests include social marketing, consumer waste, corporate social responsibility, and business sustainability. He was selected to travel to Australia and participate in research concerning social enterprises as part of Boise State's Global Scholars programme. His master's thesis concerns social marketing as a tool for increasing consumer sustainability and his PhD research is focused on nonprofit and NGO impacts on reducing consumer food-related waste. 

Dejan ZEC  


Dr Dejan Zec is a PhD Student on a split PhD programme at KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux and Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds. Prior to that, he worked as a Research Associate at Grenoble Ecole de Management and as a Researcher and Teaching Assistant in Serbia. He received his PhD in Modern History at the University of Belgrade, specialising in social history and everyday life. More recently he directed his research interests towards the field of healthcare, especially the examination of complex interactions and influences between the actors and stakeholders in the field, focusing primarily on the pharmaceutical industry.