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Cuiling JIANG is Assistant Professor at KEDGE Business School (Bordeaux campus), teaching courses in the fields of change management, expatriation and adaptation, cross cultural management and international management at both the Master and Bachelor levels. Cuiling holds a Ph.D in Management Science in France. Her research focuses on HRM practices in multinational companies, comparative studies of managerial practices between European companies and companies in Asia, change management, organizational behavior, and knowledge management.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    HE, P., A. ANAND, M. WU, C. JIANG, Q. XIA, "How and when voluntary citizenship behaviour towards individuals triggers vicious knowledge hiding: the roles of moral licensing and the mastery climate", Journal of Knowledge Management, 2023 2023 Journal article
    BENITO-OSORIO, D., A. JIMENEZ, S. BAYRAKTAR, C. JIANG, "De la “brecha de género” al “techo de cristal”: un análisis bibliométrico de la presencia de mujeres en los consejos de administración de empresas a través de mapas de evolución", Management International, 2023, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 153-167 2023 Journal article
    JIANG, C., S. HORAK - "Leading Agile Transformation: The Case of Sing Pharma in South Korea" - 2022, The Case Centre 2022 Case Study
    ZHAO, H., Q. ZHOU, P. HE, C. JIANG, "How and When Does Socially Responsible HRM Affect Employees’ Organizational Citizenship Behaviors Toward the Environment?", Journal of Business Ethics, 2021, vol. 169, pp. 371-385 2021 Journal article
    HE, P., C. JIANG, Z. XU, C. SHEN, "Knowledge Hiding: Current Research Status and Future Research Directions", Frontiers in Psychology, 2021, vol. 12, pp. 748237 2021 Journal article
    JIANG, C., D. YAHIAOUI, C. ZHANG, "Chinese firms in developed and developing countries: The Alignment of foreign direct investment motives with staffing practices" Forthcoming European J. of International Management 2021 Journal article
    PLAKHOTNIK, M. S., N. V. VOLKOVA, C. JIANG, D. YAHIAOUI, G. PHEIFFER, K. MCKAY, S. NEWMAN, S. REISSIG-THUST, "The Perceived Impact of COVID-19 on Student Well-Being and the Mediating Role of the University Support: Evidence From France, Germany, Russia, and the UK", Frontiers in Psychology, 2021, vol. 12, pp. 642689 2021 Journal article
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    JIANG, C., "L'effet culturel sur le transfert des pratiques de GRH dans les entreprises françaises en Chine" in Chine-France : connaître et reconnaître., Ed., Le Manuscrit (Espace interculturel Chine-Europe), pp. 345-355, 2017 2017 Book chapter
    LAKSHMAN, S., C.JIANG, "Nationality choices regarding executives in subsidiaries: evidence from French multinationals in Asia", Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 2016, vol. 54, no. 4, pp. 498-517 2016 Journal article
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