Bordeaux campus

The campus in Bordeaux was designed taking into account the changing habits and preferences of today's students, and how those changes affect their living spaces.

Bordeaux campus

The school is located on the Talence campus 30 minutes away from the city centre by tram.

Spread over 35,000m2, the campus is designed to provide the most innovative facilities to meet students and staffs alike needs.

  • La Ruche Library: Spread over 2000m2, the Ruche Library is a haven of knowledge. It offers a true cultural space where students and employees can borrow books, comics, DVDs or games.
  • Various catering areas to suit everyone's needs.
  • Co-working areas  ideal for group sessions fully equipped with the latest technologies.

Sports facilities managed by the Sports Society, the Arts Society and sports' coaches.

  • A fitness centre
  • A multi-sports ground
  • A weight-training room
  • A dance studio

Other facilities:

  • 49 lecture rooms, language labs, computer rooms, 20 amphitheatres with a capacity of 60 to 500 seats for teaching, seminars or meetings.
  • A trading room animated by professors and by the finance transaction association.
  • The Business Nursery and the Business Accelerator, both dedicated to the entrepreneurship development.







permanent professors

How to get to the campus ?


Bordeaux by plane

You have a few options:

- By bus. Take bus 1 which can take around 50 to 60 minutes during rush hour. The ticket costs 1,70 euros.

- Navette Shuttle from the airport to the train station (Gare St-Jean). Departure every hour. The journey takes around 30 minutes and costs 8 euros. From Gare st-Jean, you have access to buses 1,9,10,11 as well as tram C and D.

- Shared shuttles cost around 30 euros. For more information, contact the airport directly.

- A taxi will cost you around 50 euros by day and 70 euros by night.

Bordeaux by train

Bordeaux Saint-Jean is the main railway station in the French city of Bordeaux. Many trains leave daily to multiple destinations.The high-speed TGV now links Bordeaux to Paris in around 2h09. Located to the south of the city centre, Gare St-Jean is well served by the Tram line C and D as well as six bus lines.To get to KEDGE BS, take bus line 10 and alight at 'Ecole de Management'right across the campus.

Getting around Bordeaux

The tramway: beautiful, bright, quick and environmentally friendly. it operates from 5am to midnight or 1am. To get on board, you need to validate a magnetic transport card in the carriage which are available in the pay stations at each stop.

Bus, coaches, shuttles: 65 bus routes are available for your trips in Bordeaux and surroundings.

The BatCub, the river shuttle: original, quick and economic, the BatCub is a catermaran river shuttle, to go from one river bank to the other. You can use your normal TBM card, the same one than for the tramway or bus.

The Vcub, the town bicycles. More than 2000 bicycles, 1000 of which are electrically assisted, are spread over 184 stations in the metropolitan area. Check out the TBM website for more information.

How to get to Bordeaux campus?

- You can get to the campus with tram B, alight at 'Doyen Brus' stop and walk 10 minutes.

- Buses 10 and 31 stop directly across from the campus.

- A Vcub parking (town bicycles) is right outside the school.

The city and the region

Ideally located 2 hours away from Paris, 2 and a half hours from Spain and 40 minutes from the coast, Bordeaux has experienced a strong growth of highly skilled professionals. The services sector accounts for 86% of its economic fabric. It is France's top ranked city in terms of quality of life and attractiveness according to CSA and Opinion Way 2015 surveys.

Aquitaine is France's leading region for job creation since 2009. It has seven business hubs:

  • tertiary professional education (insurance, banking, marketing, communication...)
  • Digital
  • Aeronautics
  • Health-biotech
  • Laser optics
  • Green growth
  • Wine sector

Bordeaux City



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