The KEDGE International Winter School : Paris

Develop your knowledge and understanding of Disruptive Technologies and their influence on Modern Management in the heart of Paris.


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Paris is a city that needs no introduction – The City of Lights. An indisputable world capital, site for the signing of the most ambitious international accords on curbing climate change, the Paris Agreements in 2016, and host to the 2024 Olympics, it has been home to some of the greatest creative talents and critical thinkers throughout modern history. What better place to spend 2 weeks gaining an insight into Disruptive Technologies and their impact on the companies and managers who use them?

An immersive programme dedicated to Technologies, Management and Innovation - KEDGE
Click on the above video link to see why Paris really is THAT incredible!

An immersive programme dedicated to Technologies, Management and Innovation

Our Kedge International Winter School offers international students the chance to gain a handle on the Disruptive Technologies shaping the landscape of modern business - Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchains - and more importantly, learn how to make sense of these emerging and innovative technologies.

Over the course of our 2-week Winter School, we offer:

  • 2 courses, each carrying 5 ECTS
  • Each course is an intensive, 1-week module
  • A Business Visit to a Parisian company using these cutting edge technologies.
  • An organised cultural tour of Paris - included in tuition fees!
  • 1 Welcome Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 1 Group inner
  • Official Course Transcripts and a Certificate

Eligible participants: Highly motivated and open-minded Bachelor or Master level students in good academic standing with a sufficient level of English.

Why choose this programme?

2 Intensive Courses

You can take just one course in one week, leaving with 5 ECTS credits, or both courses in the package (10 ECTS).  Customise your programme according to your needs, interests, timing and budget!

All Courses Delivered in English

by our diverse, international faculty members

Social and Company Visits

Each week, we include a company visit or social activity (included in tuition fees).  Our programme in Paris will feature a visit to a Parisian company implementing the latest technologies in their business, and a cultural tour of (arguably) the most beautiful city on earth!  

Customize YOUR Summer Programme According to Your Interests

Our flexible format allows you to follow our two-week programme package, or select the course that interests you the most.

Earn Transferrable ECTS Credits

Each course features 30 contact hours, is formally evaluated, carries 5 transferrable ECTS credits, and leads to both a certificate of completion as well as official transcripts. If 5 ECTS credits is a problem to transfer to an equivalent course at your home institution, contact us to see what possibilities can be worked out.

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