Innovate for Tomorrow





  • Put the ecological and social transition at the heart of our training
  • Shed light on the ecological and social transition through our research for excellence
  • Support the development of impactful careers and business models

KEDGE’s academic expertise and its quest for excellence in its students' training contribute to inventing and building the worlds of tomorrow.

KEDGE puts experimentation and experiential learning at the heart of its development model. In order to prepare its students for the ecological and social issues of the 21st century, the school provides them with necessary knowledge and skills, and encourages them to take impactful actions. Being, living and growing are three inseparable notions at KEDGE Business School school!

KEDGE's pedagogical approach is focused on the issues of socio-ecological transition. It aims to turn students into real players in today's world, prepared to transform the world of tomorrow. Our "Innovate for Tomorrow" pillar is made up of three commitments that translate into action plans.

Our commitments

Put the socio-ecological transition at the heart of our programmes

Produce and share our expertise and research on excellence for the socio-ecological transition

  • Integrate the ecological & social transition into all our research areas
  • With the help of our expertise, contribute to the socio-ecological transition of the economic and academic world

Support the development of impactful careers and business models

  • Contribute to the ecological & social transition of careers and the development of positive impact business models
  • Have our students practice impact measurement tools

Key actions in 2021

  • The Start-of-the-year Climate Fresk workshops for Kedge students. In order to raise awareness about climate issues, KEDGE has been organising "Climate Fresk" seminars for students since 2019. The Climate Fresk is a scientific and creative workshop designed to playfully educate on climate change.  At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, KEDGE trained 100% of its incoming students on environmental issues. The Start-of-the-year Climate Fresk workshops were included in each programme curriculum.
  • Association Management course: promoting "Tech for good" principles. KEDGE's strategy is focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the UN. Since 2019, the Association Management Course has been suggested to students of the MIM Programme, members of KEDGE's 60 student associations. It focuses on social issues and, in particular, on "Tech for Good" principles - or how to use technology sustainably. To meet these contemporary challenges, some associations have already integrated the ideas into their new projects.
  • The first "MyWay Impakt" business forum. For the first time this year, KEDGE students participated in the MyWay Impakt day on 23 November 2021. It was dedicated to careers with an ecological and social impact.
  • The Climate Fresk. As part of its climate and biodiversity plan, the school is taking part in the Start-of-the-year Climate Fresk workshop. That is a major event in higher education coordinated by the Climate Fresk association (more than 200 institutions and 100,000 students in France in 2021).

Key figures in 2021

  • 4,800 of our first year students participated in the Start-of-the-year Climate Fresk workshops
  • 1 interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence for Sustainability - one of the largest European research and higher education centres dedicated to sustainable development within businesses 
  • 9 research chairs and projects funded in relation to the ecological and social transition
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