Wellness centre

KEDGE has designed and implemented an original and unique service for students at the Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris and Toulon campuses: the Wellness service. Within the school context, it has a double objective: to prevent risks and to encourage individual, academic, and professional development.


Wellness is above all a philosophy of living. The concept means 'a personal feeling of well-being', and is therefore a global state of health. It covers the important things in life, but also daily trivialities that often make life exciting, so that instead of surviving, you're thriving. Wellness is the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin and the understanding that happiness is different for everyone.

The Wellness Team

A team of volunteers and psychologists are available to support and advise students who experience difficulties or who simply have trouble adapting to their new life: academic and professional issues, financial problems, support to manage feelings of low mood, sadness or depression.

  • Psychologists are available on every campus and provide free consultations in complete confidentiality.
  • A social worker  is on site to discuss financial issues.
  • Counsellors working as part of the school's staff, may also provide support for students in need. They are trained by professionals to listen and support students who experience difficulties.

This service is totally confidential.

Wellness Activities

Throughout the year, the wellness team is here to improve student's well-being by offering a range of innovative services for body and mind.

They are designed to help manage stress, get to discover your true self, but also encourage healthy habits on a daily basis in regards to:

  • Diet, sport, and balance
  • Sexuality
  • Exam preparation
  • Sleep
  • Budgeting 

 Every year, the Wellness team organises well-being weeks across all campuses. It provides multiple activities and events related to health and well-being: stress management, musical events, first aid information, sports events, osteopathy sessions, yoga, meditation, HIV/STI screening, reiki, pet therapy, etc.

Download files

WellNess Guide 2019 - EN (PDF - 1 MB)