Learning by Doing: an essential scheme at KEDGE

Learning by doing is a pillar of KEDGE teaching strategy. As a pioneer in the field, we are convinced that learning through projects and hands-on experiences deeply changes students' personal and professional development and prepares them as future managers.

It's good to be-U

Alongside their academic training, all students enrolled on undergraduate programmes must perform a project-action (Pro-Act Be-U), during their studies at KEDGE. A necessary prerequisite for obtaining their degree, this consists of carrying out projects and performing actions that enables them to progress in the following areas:

Command of expertise (skill acquisition):

Implementing a sequence of PROJECTS will require the use of different skills and knowledge:

  • Outlining business objectives and learning to project manage.
  • Cover a wide of topics, locations, and contacts.
  • Internal  (within the team and KEDGE BS) and external communication (promoting the project).
  • Organising provisional budgets (sponsors, partnerships, grants).
  • Preparing an indicative schedule / calendar.

Understanding of interpersonal skills (personal and professional development):

Completing the 'action' part of the project will enable students to:

  • Work in a team.
  • Adapt to real life circumstances when implementing the strategy they have previously developed.
  • Gain self-confidence from their successes and the understanding of their mistakes.
  • Examine the end results of their work and incorporate a performance-based approach.

When outlining and completing their Pro-Act Be-U, students are supported by an academic coach who meets them to conduct a review at each key stage of their project:

  1. Project proposal, definition of objectives and performance indicators.
  2. Definition and approval of action plan.
  3. Personalised mid-term review depending on the projects.
  4. Final review with report, oral exam, video promoting the work completed, as well as collective and individual evaluations.

The educational team comprises of coaches, permanent employees and external contributors all with extensive experience of executive management in national or international companies and all with different areas of expertise (e.g. strategy, business development, marketing, new technologies, etc.). The majority are also contributors within the group. 

The different categories of Pro-Acts Be-U

Projects may be presented in the following domains:

  • Pro-Act Be-U Arts: artistic and cultural creation, involving the production or promotion of artworks.
  • Pro-Act Be-U Entrepreneur: new business or company take-over.
  • Pro-Act Be-U Business: projects suggested by or completed on behalf of businesses or external organisms.
  • Pro-Act Be-U Associative management: management of offices of associations within or outside of the school.
  • Pro-ActBe-U Info communication: project related to professional communication methods (including communication or marketing work for KEDGE or a business, events organisation, etc.).
  • Pro-ActBe-U Sport: a project involving practising a high-level sport, working as a coach, or obtaining an official qualification as a referee, adjudicator, or trainer.
  • Pro-ActBe-U Earth: humanitarian, civic or sustainable development projects.

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