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How about getting a business education in one of the top travel destinations in France? A rental with a view on the Garonne river or the Pont de Pierre, an immersion to the world of wine, a boat cruise down the Garonne, access to modern venues and ancient buildings... Bordeaux has it all, the perfect place for your business studies in France!


Student Accommodation in Bordeaux

The KEDGE Business School campus is located in Talence, around 35 minutes away from the Bordeaux city centre by tram, 25 minutes away by car, and 30 minutes away by bicycle.

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Where to stay in Bordeaux?

If you are looking for a room, studio, or residence near the campus, you should consider the towns of Talence, Gradignan, and Pessac. Other possibilities are:

  • For a quieter district, Saint-Genès is the perfect place for you. It is located between the Talence university campus, Place de la Victoire, and the Bordeaux city centre. Many students choose to live here to relax after their long days of classes, exams, or part-time jobs. 
  • For a more dynamic lifestyle, you can also search for a room or studio in the Nansouty district which is also very popular with international students. There are a lot of new places to visit, and it attracts a lot of students from all over the world.
  • Students looking for a vibrant atmosphere can choose the Saint-Pierre and Victoire districts as locations for student accommodation. These areas are situated not far from the bars and restaurants of the Rue du Parlement and the shops of Saint Catherine Street, the longest shopping street in Europe. Students can get to the main city sites and the school campus by tram or on foot. Housing prices are attractive in these two districts.
  • The Chartrons district is one of the most beautiful places in Bordeaux, because of the scenery and the view it offers. It is located near the banks of the Garonne, which means pleasant walks and study sessions near the water. You can also take advantage of the new shops and the public transport networks available in the area. You will not be disappointed by this ideal location!
  • Students particularly appreciate the dynamism of Bordeaux, and especially its city centre. It is a place rich in culture and history. In addition, the area has everything you need to enjoy a high quality of life in France: local shops, transport, bars, restaurants, shopping centres, and green spaces to enjoy nature and study. However, the accommodation is a bit more expensive due to its location.

A student will have to spend on average €610 per month (bills not included) to find a private residence in Bordeaux. The beautification of the city, the renovation of train platforms, the construction of a tramway line, and the inauguration of the Paris-Bordeaux high-speed train are improvements that contribute to this increase in rent.  

For the most part, students in Bordeaux are looking for a studio from €515 to €615 per month or a T1, a one-room furnished flat, with an average rent of €768 per month. The price usually depends on the location and size of the dwelling. Shared accommodation is also in great demand since it is the cheapest solution to obtain a more spacious and comfortable student accommodation in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is one of the favourite cities for French and international students. Every year, the number of people who come to Bordeaux for their studies is gradually increasing. There are many areas where students can find everything they need: green spaces, shops, bars, restaurants, various event venues, educational centres, etc. Both entertainment and study possibilities are included in the city programme.

So, what will be your perfect neighbourhood in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux's reputation to be a Mecca for wine lovers draws travellers to come worship at the altar of some of the world's best wines. But it is more than just a place to sip Grand Cru Classé at châteaux; it is also a lovely town that has been in constant development over the years. Although it is often called The Sleeping Beauty, there are always fresh and new sites to visit, and there are plenty of wonderful restaurants, pâtisseries, taverns, and cafés to rest your tired feet in. There is also a considerable number of academic institutions, schools, and universities that provide a high-standard education. What can be better than studying in the UNESCO-listed old town and learning the language of Molière? 

How to find accommodation in Bordeaux? 

Arrival information

If you arrive from abroad for your management studies and have never visited Bordeaux or do not speak French, we are here to help find your way to the KEDGE Business School campus.

How to get to Bordeaux KEDGE Business School?

Address: 680 Cr de la Libération, 33405 Talence

If you arrive at Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport, you have several options to get to the city centre:

  • Get on bus 1 which goes from the airport to the main railway station (Gare Saint-Jean). The journey can take around 50-60 minutes during rush hour. A one-way ticket costs 1.70 euros.
  • Take a 30’ direct shuttle from the airport to the railway station (Gare Saint-Jean), available every day of the year. The journey takes around 30 minutes and the full fare ticket costs €8. From Gare St-Jean, you have access to public buses 1,9,10,11 as well as Trams C and D.
  • Shared shuttles cost around 30 euros. For more information, we would recommend contacting directly the Bordeaux–Mérignac airport.
  • A taxi will cost you around 50 euros during the day and 70 euros at night.

Bordeaux Saint-Jean is the main railway station in the French city. There is a whole network of trains and itineraries to multiple destinations in France and abroad. You can get to Paris by TGV (French high-speed train) in around 2 hours. Located to the south of the city centre, Gare St-Jean is easily accessible by Trams C and D as well as six bus lines. 

To get to KEDGE Business School from the railway station, you can take bus line 10 and alight at the “Ecole de Management” bus stop next to the campus.

Several means of transport are available for students: tramways, buses, river shuttles, and town bicycles. To get to the KEDGE Bordeaux campus, you can use Tram B, buses 10 and 31, and town bicycles which can be rented in the city centre and parked right outside the school.

For more details on public transport in Bordeaux, please visit the official website:

Pick-up assistance

Every semester, KEDGE Business School and its International Student Association “Melting Potes” offer our international students a pick-up service from Bordeaux Mérignac (BOD) airport and Gare Saint-Jean railway station. You will receive information on how to order your pick-up service by email before the summer holidays.


The International Student Association “Melting Potes” helps the International Office facilitate the integration of international students among French new comers through the organisation of activities all year round.
The Melting Potes team will be available to help you upon your arrival, during the orientation session, and throughout your stay in France. They will be able to provide support and information on:

  • how to open a bank account;
  • how to open an electricity or gas account;
  • how to buy public transportation tickets;
  • how to get a mobile phone;
  • how to search for housing options etc.

Do not hesitate to contact them for more details on FACEBOOK - MELTING POTES

Student life in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a rapidly growing metropolis, offering a unique living and studying environment. The city is strategically located 2 hours away from Paris by high-speed train, 2 and a half hours from Spain, and just 50 minutes from Arcachon Bay, attracting highly skilled professionals from all over the globe.

Things to know :

  • 814,049 residents in the Bordeaux metropolitan area;
  • The 9th largest and the 6th most populated city in France;
  • International travel destination with more than 350 historic monuments;
  • The 7th French region to host international students;
  • 92,000 students;
  • 21,000 international scholars;
  • Ranked 8th (out of 43) among French university towns as a great place to live and study (awarded by l'Etudiant magazine).

Places to see

Bordeaux is a wonderful town with a vibrant community, a rich cultural and historical background, and spectacular views. In 2007, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. It offers a variety of options for young people to study and spend their leisure time. There are cinemas, concerts, performances, operas, museums, art galleries, and festivals, and for the most part, they are affordable for students. It has become one of the most popular destinations for students in France and abroad for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few places to visit:

  • La Cité du Vin: This ultra-modern cultural centre is a celebration of all things wine and a high-tech museum that teaches you about the history of wine, as well as where and how it is manufactured around the world.
  • The Bassins de Lumières (Ponds of Light):  The largest museum of digital art in the world, and the town's newest attraction. It is located in the Base Sous-Marine, which was designed as a U-boat base during World War II, when Bordeaux was under German occupation.
  • Le Miroir D'Eau: the world's largest reflecting water pool. It is a favourite meeting spot for lovers and friends and is frequently the scene of salsa dancers. The water goes through a programmed sequence of 3 minutes of fog, 3 minutes of mirror and 10 minutes of pool.
  • Jardin Public: In the heart of the town, there is a green park with botanical gardens. On a hot day, you can take in the scenery and plan a picnic with a good book under a tree. In summer, Jardin Public hosts the Bordeaux Open Air festival, showcasing international electronic music.
  • Les Vivres de l'Art is a cutting-edge location refurbished by the sculptor Jean Francois Buisson. This 18th-century French navy supply warehouse has been given new use as an artists' residence, an exhibition space, and a venue for various performances (concerts, exhibitions, etc.).
  • Darwin: do not hesitate to cross the eastern bank and visit the Darwin space. It is a disused railway depot transformed into a modern cultural hub with a fantastic restaurant, a coffee shop serving locally roasted coffee, an organic supermarket, frequent flea markets, street art exhibitions, and even a skatepark!


The nightlife in Bordeaux has always been bustling and vibrant. It is brimming with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The historical headquarters and the Quais de Paludate, always attracts young party goers. The party usually lasts well after 2 am in the Bacalan and Bassins à Flots neighbourhoods. While night owls of all ages and tastes are welcome at the clubs downtown, the trendiest clubs can be found in the Golden Triangle area.

Discover the new party venues: 

  • Iboat, a former ferry boat, allowing to immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant electronic scene. 
  • La Dame. Come club to the sounds of local headliners or guest DJs in the holds of this black and red barge.
  • Le Monseigneur. Many refer to it as "Dad's nightclub." This club attracts night owls from Wednesday to Saturday until 7 am in a friendly and welcoming environment.
  • Hangar FL. The warehouse devoted to amplified music is located on the right bank in the former "Space Opera". It welcomes fans of acid, techno, and hardcore music.
  • The Black Diamond: This modest club, which is located just beneath the magnificent Grand-Hôtel, is renowned for its electronic music and soulful ambiance created by its brilliant local DJs.

Means of transport

  • Tramway: There are 4 lines, serving a total of 133  stops. It operates from 5 am to 1 am. To get on board, you need to buy and validate a magnetic transport card, which can be bought at each tramway stop.
  • Buses and shuttles: 65 bus routes are available for your trips in the town and the metropolitan area.
  • BatCub, the river shuttle:  a catamaran river shuttle that goes from one river bank to the other. You can use your normal TBM card, the same one as for the tramway or bus, or buy a ticket on board.
  • VCub, the town's bicycles. More than 2000 bicycles, 1000 of which are electrically assisted, are located over 184 stations in the metropolitan area.

Check out the TBM website for more details on the public transport network in Bordeaux.

More practical information related to Bordeaux, transportation, accommodation, estimated living expenses, health & home insurance, banking, visas, scholarships, and other administrative formalities can be found in the “International Student Handbook” below. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Bordeaux!

Available programmes in Bordeaux 

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