Study in Toulon

Toulon, a vibrant city in Provence, serves as the main French naval base and hub for various industries, including fishing. With its blend of Mediterranean charm and bustling urban life, it offers a unique experience for visitors. Renowned for its natural beauty, including parks and antique fountains, Toulon also hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals. It's an ideal destination for students seeking both academic excellence and a rich cultural experience in France's top travel destinations.


Toulon campus

KEDGE Toulon campus is located in the heart of the city, within the new "creativity and knowledge district" and opposite the train station since January 2020. Designed by Corrine Vezzioni, the campus is nestled in the historical Alexander I garden and houses the TPM School of Art and Design, a media library, and a company incubator focused on digital technologies. Spanning over 2100m², it features innovative facilities such as brain bubbles for collective reflection, a 3D zone in the computer room, 11 lecture rooms, a 14m² library, a Business Nursery for entrepreneur students, accommodations nearby, and a fitness centre. Find out more

Student accomodation in Toulon

As a student city, Toulon benefits from substantial demographic and economic advantages. From the picturesque harbour to the steep hillsides, it offers a wide selection of housing facilities suited to everyone’s taste. Many international students are drawn to Toulon's picturesque seaside, with neighborhoods like Cap Brun and Mourillon being particularly popular. These areas offer a charming blend of coastal living and Provencal atmosphere, making them sought-after locations for student housing. For those seeking panoramic views and tranquility, the northern part of Toulon, overlooking the harbor, provides a serene retreat. The slopes of Mount Faron offer hidden gems nestled amidst lush greenery, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Toulon's historic center is also a popular choice for students, with neighborhoods like Haute Ville undergoing vibrant rejuvenation. These areas offer a mix of historic charm and modern amenities, with elegant buildings and cultural attractions close by.

The average rent price for a student room in Toulon is €439 and €400 for a shared one. The average for a studio is €440 and €600 for a T1. Finally, for a room in a student residence, you can expect to pay about €430. More information

Arrival and integration information

Arriving from abroad and unfamiliar with Toulon or French? We're here to help you reach the KEDGE campus. Gare de Toulon, the main railway station, connects to major cities like Nice, Marseille, and Paris via the Marseille-Ventimiglia railway. Toulon-Hyères and Marignanne airport serve the city, with daily direct flights to Paris-Orly airport and a shuttle service to Toulon. The campus is centrally situated in the new creativity and knowledge neighborhood of Chaculet, just three minutes from the train or bus station. Transportation within the city includes an extensive railway network, bus services operated by Réseau Mistral, shuttle boats to Mediterranean coast destinations, taxi services, and commercial bicycle hire companies. Parking is available for motorcycles and bicycles. Additionally, KEDGE Business School offers a pick-up service from Toulon-Hyères (TLN) airport and Gare de Toulon railway station. The international student association "Welcome" assists with integration, providing support on various aspects, including banking, utilities, transportation, mobile phones, and housing options.

Student life in Toulon

Toulon offers a vibrant student life with its dynamic academic environment, boasting numerous schools and universities. Hosting around 15,000 students, the city exudes youthful energy, enhanced by its scenic Mediterranean coast and diverse cultural attractions. Its strategic location in Provence provides easy access to natural wonders and urban adventures, making it an ideal base for a well-rounded academic and social experience. Additionally, Toulon's historic harbour, charming old town, and picturesque beaches offer ample opportunities for leisure activities. Students can explore landmarks like the Bay of Toulon, Mount Faron, and the Île de Porquerolles, immersing themselves in the region's rich history and natural beauty. Furthermore, Toulon's vibrant nightlife scene, featuring festivals and party venues, ensures an exciting social life for students, enhancing their overall experience in this dynamic French city.

More practical information and details related to Toulon, transportation, accommodation, estimated living expenses, health & home insurance, banking, visasscholarships, and other administrative formalities can be found in the “International Student Handbook” below.

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