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Strategic vision

Building a sustainable and responsible world is our raison d'être as the KEDGE community. We support companies and their future managers in driving and anchoring the necessary changes.
The KEDGE community - teachers, staff, students and alumni - embodies the spirit of the school and all call themselves "KEDGErs". The name Kedge means light anchor. We see this anchor as a pivot in a changing world.

Our vision

In 2025, KEDGE will be a responsible and committed community for the good of society, enriching its ecosystems. This community relies on training for the management of businesses and organizations.

Our mission statement

 Develop the skills of tomorrow's responsible leaders
    Give all learners the means to better understand today's changing world, to master its technological or social and environmental challenges
    Enable learners to become autonomous actors capable of having a positive impact on the world of business and other organisations but also on the economy and society as a whole.

The KEDGE community considers this mission crucial because the vast majority of tomorrow's professions do not yet exist and because society is looking for leaders committed to the common good. Finally, without the assimilation of technological culture, it will be more difficult to seize the opportunities.

As a responsible and committed community, we see our mission as :

    Empowering current and future leaders to adopt ethical, innovative and inclusive approaches.
    Co-creating new solutions with our ecosystems to solve global problems and change the behaviour of businesses and people for a better world.
    Making our community a player for the common good
    Growing as a community

Our values

KEDGE values can be summarized by the acronym GROW :

  • G –Great force for progress for all    
  • R - Responsible
  • O - Open and inclusive community
  • W - Ways forward in creating new businesses for a better society, with intercultural, innovative and hybrid capacities to navigate a complex world.

This evolution of our mission is deeply rooted in our DNA.

Our strategic objectives

The three strategic objectives identified by KEDGE are summarized by three verbs that provide information on how KEDGE will fulfill its mission: Discover, Decode, Do.

  • Discover : Forge an agile understanding of uncertain situations for our responsible and engaged communities through experiential approaches.
  • Decode : Enable leaders to implement ethical, sustainable and inclusive decision-making processes to navigate a complex world
  • Do : Co-create with our ecosystems new business solutions, new business models and new approaches in a changing world.


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