Strategic vision

experience your world

KEDGE is entering a fundamental and ambitious new period in its development and transformation by implementing its KEDGE 25 strategic plan.


KEDGE wishes to create impact and learn to create impact, to reveal and develop the potential of its students, to put them at the centre of everything. 

KEDGE is a demanding school, open to all and for all, where we teach how to make an impact through experiences, where we value successes as well as failures, and where we learn to do.

Conviction, ambition, mission

KEDGE does not only intend to reveal the potential of its students, but also to create individuals who will have an impact on their environment.

Five fundamental pillars

In order to meet its three promises, KEDGE bases its strategy on five fundamental pillars. These 5 pillars also support its transformation plan, which is broken down into 26 projects whose implementat...

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