Working in France after graduation

Intercultural experience and work/life balance are some of the best reasons to make this professional and personal experience that has shaped the future of countless KEDGE international students graduates. 

Work conditions in France are among the best in the world, as French culture favours a work-life balance, with flexible hours prioritised and personal life seen as highly important. Employees benefit from a substantial amount of holiday, health insurance as part of permanent contracts, maximum working week, right to disconnect, and annual paid leave. They also enjoy healthy and safe workplaces. 

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How to stay in France after graduation? 

If they wish to work in France once they have completed their studies at KEDGE, students may request amendment to their student visa for a temporary resident permit of 12 months (non-renewable) allowing them to work in France. Depending on their country of origin, they will have different processes to follow; find all relation information here: 

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