Top 10 reasons to study in France

With an excellent educational infrastructure, unparalleled leisure options and countless opportunities for multi-cultural interaction, France is among the best countries in the world to pursue studies in higher education, and here are the top 10 reasons why.

A quality education

Home to globally influential centres of research and learning, France is attracting an increasingly high number of international students year on year. The country’s educational institutions are held in high regard worldwide, and for good reason. France’s international reputation in the field is based on its ability to provide an exceptional standard of teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Also, cross-border European partnerships have participated in shaping a strong, international academic community.

Strong employability

Acquiring international experience even before graduating is an important stepping-stone to starting one’s career, and the high quality of higher education institutions in France is well known to potential employers; French degrees are respected by employers the world over.

Besides the world-class education that will enhance graduates’ employability, studies in France also provide them with sought-after interpersonal skills: adaptability, self-reliance and inter-cultural understanding. Start-ups and big corporations alike look for employees who are able to thrive beyond their “comfort zone”.

Bordeaux, Paris and Marseille, where KEDGE Business School has main campuses, are large and diverse cities. All three of them offer excellent networking potential. The country also offers a ‘post-study work stream’: a number of work visas are allowed yearly for international graduates to stay and work in France, provided certain conditions are satisfied.

Europe at your doorstep

Advantages of studying in France include inexpensive travel to a variety of locations over weekends and holidays. KEDGE campuses in France enjoy strategic locations allowing easy access to must-see regions:

-Bordeaux is less than an hour from the world’s best vineyards of Saint-Emilion, close to the giant beaches of the Atlantic coast and is surrounded by oak and pine forests. It is a perfect starting point for trips nearby, such as: the Médoc wine route, the seaside resorts of Arcachon and Cap Ferret, Biscarosse Lake, South Gironde castles, typical villages of the Basque country, and more.  

-In the South East of France, on the Mediterranean coast, Marseille enjoys more sun and less bustle than most French cities. Discover the spirit of Provence and travel to the French Riviera’s must-see spots, pristine nature reserves, vibrant Provençal countryside and medieval villages.

-No need to introduce the capital of French culture, gastronomy and architecture. From Paris, you will be able to reach any French main point of interest, as well as European capitals with short flights to: London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin…

As for the rest of the continent, it is only waiting to be discovered!

Financial benefits

International students at KEDGE can also take advantage of numerous scholarship and subsidies opportunities to help offset tuition fees and housing costs. They can also be assured that they are covered by universal health-care at no charge (an acquis of the French society).

In terms of cost of living, international students can expect to incur expenses of around EUR 8,000 yearly, making studying in France much cheaper than studying at universities in the USA. When it comes to quality of life and career experiences beyond the classroom, France provides a great standard of affordable activities for international students and various student discounts (cinema tickets, museums, travel, restaurants...) allowing them to experience a high quality of living.

Pursuing a programme in France makes good financial sense, as the tuitions fees are considerably lower than those in certain other countries (USA, New Zealand, Canada or Australia…). Typically, at KEDGE, international courses fees vary from €8,500 to €19,900 depending upon the level of degree and the course topic selected. 

Language skills

At KEDGE, all our international programmes are fully taught in English: no need to speak French to be eligible! Our different Masters of Science all offer "French and English as a foreign language" courses to give you the opportunity to improve and adapt.

Of course, we highly recommend students try to learn French in order to maximise their inter-cultural experience. Learning a new language is a strong asset for improving employability; it demonstrates an appetite for adventure, adaptability and the will to learn about a different culture and way of living. French is also a valuable skill in preparing for one’s future international career, as it is a language spoken by 220 million people across five continents!

A supportive environment for innovation and young entrepreneurs

There are more of the world’s top 100 most innovative companies in France than any other European country. With the country’s own President, Emmanuel Macron, committing to make France a “startup nation”, an appealing ecosystem of start-ups, laboratories, universities, and major corporations has flourished over the past few years.

Entrepreneurs have a broad choice of sectors to work within; fashion, food, high-tech, energy, and so forth. With key success factors such as the powerful start up ecosystem, available capital, and a rich heritage, entrepreneurs are well positioned to thrive in a favourable environment.

On top of those business-friendly conditions, a series of powerful players also help attract young talents and boost innovation; public investment banks, private investors, government initiatives… all are helping France to grow exponentially as a tech hub.


International students in France have a rich historical landscape to explore as France has a diverse background steeped in history. KEDGE campuses in France enjoy perfect locations to discover this heritage. Have the chance to see the city that gave birth to the Revolution, appreciate architectural masterpieces at every turn and visit world-famous museums. Tour the many historical landmarks that date back centuries, take in the unique multi-cultural ambiance of France’s most diverse cities and enjoy remarkably preserved buildings dating back from centuries.

From Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris, you can also travel to nearby monuments bearing witness to the history of France: medieval cities, prestigious castles, gorgeous cathedrals, and other symbols of France’s history.

Rich culture

Arts and culture are an integral component of living in France. The country that oozes creativity and elegance boasts world-class ultural landscapes that make studying here both an adventurous and educational experience in and of itself. It is no surprise that France is home to many of today’s most prodigious international artists, just as is has been for centuries. The country has a formidable heritage with art of all types - ranging from architectural marvels to the finest works of art, photography and music, to graphic arts and new media. And of course you will also be able to soak up that famous Parisian sophistication - the world capital of fashion.

Strong economy & advanced industry

France is a G7 country and among the top 3 European economic leaders. The country’s diversified economy is led by tourism, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. With an important number or fully privatised large companies, it is present in sectors as power generation, public transportation, and defense. France is also home to 31 of the 500 largest corporations in the world. The country’s economy and infrastructure is highly developed with a free-market orientation.

Exquisite food

France’s culinary reputation is firmly established worldwide, so much so that “Gastronomic eal of the French” was placed on UNESCO’s list of intangible human culture. Dive in to the French culture of incredible dining and discover world famous specialties, from affordable cosy bistros to prestigious Michelin Star restaurants.

Regardless your taste, France offers a wide variety of foods to enjoy in different regions:
Paris is well known for its café culture and its unparalleled offer of gastronomic restaurants. Bordeaux will surprise you with the most extensive selection of wine worldwide and its cuisine inspired by the French southwest. Marseille offers an interesting mix of local and Mediterranean cuisine with influences from European and North African countries.