KEDGE Business School: Toulon campus

Toulon's centrally located KEDGE campus, designed by acclaimed architect Corrine Vezzioni, integrates educational innovation with state-of-the-art facilities and a digital technology-focused company incubator.

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An innovative learning environment

Nestled at the heart of the  historical Alexander I garden, this new campus was designed by Corrine Vezzioni, woman architect of the year in 2015. The school welcomes the TPM School of Art and Design, a media library and a company incubator devoted to digital technologies.  KEDGE Toulon wanted to revolutionise the student experience by creating the campus of tomorrow, a place entirely dedicated to educational innovation. Spread over 2100m2, KEDGE Toulon welcomes around 30 collaborators and 350 students. The campus is designed to provide the most innovative facilities to meet students and collaborator's needs, including:

  • Brain bubbles dedicated to collective reflection sessions
  • A computer room including a 3D zone and wifi access
  • 11 lecture rooms
  • A library spread over 14m2
  • A Business Nursery, an incubator for entrepreneur students focused on guiding innovative projects in the development of services, products or a business model
  • Students accommodations near-by
  • A fitness centre
  • The "CUBE" librar, offering a number of specialist information sources that are primarily focused on innovative and technological management.







How to apply to KEDGE Business School in Toulon?

To apply to KEDGE Business School, international students should first determine the prerequisites for their chosen academic or professional programme. Once these requirements are met, they can proceed with the application process, which includes exploring available scholarships to alleviate financial concerns. Tuition fees vary by programme and can be accessed on the school's website. Additionally, students should familiarise themselves with administrative formalities such as visa procedures, health insurance, and housing arrangements to ensure a smooth transition into academic life at KEDGE.

Life in Toulon as an international student

Ideally located 4 hours away from Paris, 2 and a half hours from Southern Alps and 15 minutes from the coast, Toulon is a blessed destination, offering a relaxing atmosphere, a direct access to the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the French Med, the bay of Toulon considered Europe's most beautiful harbour, little coves and the authenticity of the Provencal way of life. The city's historic architecture, museums, and diverse culinary options provide ample opportunities for exploration and immersion in Provencal culture. Additionally, Toulon's strategic location allows for easy access to coastal gems like Porquerolles Island and inland attractions such as the Sainte-Baume massif. With its vibrant nightlife and array of cultural festivals, Toulon promises a dynamic and welcoming experience for students seeking both academic enrichment and leisure pursuits.

How to get to Toulon KEDGE campus?

Gare de Toulon is the railway station serving the city of Toulon, Var department, southeastern France. It is situated on the Marseille-Ventimiglia railway. Top destinations to and from Toulon are Nice, Marseille and Paris. With the high-speed rail network (TGV), Toulon is 4 hours 20 minutes from Paris. The Var has 3 TGV rail stations: Toulon, Les Arcs-sur-Argens and Saint-Raphael.

Toulon-Hyères airport is the airport serving Toulon. It is located 3 kilometres southeast of Hyères, and 19 kilometres east of Toulon. It is also known as Hyères Le Palyvestre Airport.

There are limited flights to big cities from Toulon compared to its bigger counterparts in Nice and Marseille. However, there are daily direct flights to Paris-Orly.

To get to town from the airport, there is a shuttle operating 5 round trips a day at the cost of 1,40 euros per journey. The trip takes around 30 minutes.


Toulon offers a wide range of local transport.

Rail: Over 20 train stations, serving regional destinations (TER).

Bus: There are over 80 lines, all 3 euros, for the Var and neighbouring towns. The network is run by the Réseau mistral and you can consult the routes and timetables on its website.

Boat: Some destinations offer shuttle boats (or bus boats) to other towns/villages.

Taxis:  You can either phone a cab, access it via the app or pick it up at one of the town's taxi ranks, the place de la Liberté probably being the main one. Tel: +33

Bicycles: Toulon has no municipal bike hire scheme, but there are several commercial companies in and around the bus station

Nothing easier. The campus is situated in the heart of town, 3 minutes away from the train or the bus station.

A parking is available on site for motorbikes and bicycles.

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