MSc MAI International Purchasing & Innovation Management

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EdUniversal French ranking 2024 - Purchasing category


Best Masters ranking 2024 - Purchasing category

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From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of prior learning




MSc, Master of Science


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September 2024




EdUniversal French ranking 2024 - Purchasing category


Best Masters ranking 2024 - Purchasing category

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MSc International Purchasing & Innovation Management

While getting the cheapest price used to be the core concern for those in the purchasing profession, today’s professionals are more concerned with strategic factors such as innovation and speed to market. Key suppliers are vitally important. This shift in thinking requires an entirely different type of buying professional, and KEDGE Business School is at the forefront of training this new cohort of buyers. The Master of Science in purchasing and innovation management programme equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic fields of purchasing, supply chain management, and innovation.


Director of MAI, Purchasing & Innovation Management


"This specialised training encompasses a wide array of courses within the realm of purchasing, with a particular focus on areas like international purchasing management. In today's dynamic business landscape, major multinational corporations increasingly understand the integral connection between purchasing strategies and innovation in the development of cutting-edge products and services. This recognition underscores the pivotal role procurement professionals play in driving organisational growth and competitive advantage. Embracing this paradigm shift presents an exciting opportunity for individuals to spearhead transformative change within their organisations. With the MAI, students not only gain the essential knowledge and skills to navigate these complex intersections but also position themselves as leaders in shaping the future of procurement and innovation."

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Highlights of the International Purchasing & Innovation Management MSc

The programme equips students with versatile skills, extending beyond purchasing to include marketing, strategy, and product development, enhancing their professional capabilities. Students learn the various aspects of business operations, - exploring principles related to supply chain management, business strategy, and operations - and applying academic research and data analysis techniques to real-world projects. This allows to develop into leaders in their respective fields, with an appropriate blend of academic rigour and practical experience.

Transitioning from a support function to a strategic asset, purchasing departments play a pivotal role in organisational success. Through the training, students gain invaluable insights into these matters, empowering them to effectively navigate procurement's evolving landscape strategically. Course modules that delve into procurement processes and related business operations provide both the necessary academic foundation and practical experience.

Within the course, cultivating procurement leadership by intertwining innovation and sustainability is prioritized. It focuses into the critical aspects of new product design and development, as well as the transformative power of innovation, particularly in mass consumption sectors. Through strategic supplier engagement, the acceleration of innovation is emphasized, while sustainability and social responsibility principles are uphold. This holistic approach equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to drive sustainable business practices and lead procurement initiatives.

Participants experience practical scenarios, fostering autonomy and accountability within the curriculum. Through case studies, group exercises, and role-plays, they gain practical proficiency. Additionally, their involvement in a four to six-month internship enriches their learning experience, fosters the development of relevant skills and comprehensive academic knowledge in business operations, and enhances their professional readiness for the sector's dynamic challenges.

Participants benefit from robust connections between the programme and prestigious industry leaders, facilitating internships and job opportunities within multinational corporations like L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, etc. The seamless integration of corporate projects featuring those key players provides invaluable experience and develops professional skills tailored to the operations of various sectors. These include agro-alimentary, cosmetics, household goods, pharmaceutical, automobile, aeronautic and most service industries.

Enrolment grants access to a thriving community of over 4,000 purchasing managers, providing unmatched networking opportunities throughout Europe. Additionally, KEDGE's extensive Alumni network of 80,000 graduates worldwide enhances career prospects significantly. With such widespread connections and a diverse alumni base, success in the field becomes more attainable.

Skills developed in the International Purchasing & Innovation Management MSc

Key skills focusing on the internal workings of a company are cultivated as students engage in the process of creating their own products, beginning from the design phase. During this process, consideration is given to all requirements and specifications pertinent to the product. They gain insights into the customer market and the trends influencing the distribution and consumption of the final product. They acquire expertise in understanding the internal operations of their company to discern its needs, identify assets, and fulfil the requisites of the marketing department. Additionally, students grasp all performance factors associated with quality, pricing, service, delivery, and innovation. Overall, the programme fosters the adoption of innovative purchasing approaches and techniques, encouraging students to explore and implement novel strategies in procurement practices.

The acquisition of proficiency in effectively engaging with external stakeholders holds significant importance in this domain, offering a multitude of advantages, including the ability to:

  • Identify suppliers demonstrating potential for innovation
  • Incorporate key suppliers into the product development process
  • Explore new avenues for geographic purchasing
  • Confer with potential suppliers regarding new products
  • Manage, monitor, and enhance relationships within the supplier portfolio
  • Master emerging technologies, optimal strategies, techniques, and tools pertinent to procurement
  • Monitor competitive dynamics within procurement

Presently, multinational corporations recruiting MAI International Purchasing Management students operate across diverse sectors to which the programme continually adapts to align with the changing dynamics of purchasing.

Tomorrow's careers in procurement & innovation

Professionals in purchasing and innovation play a pivotal role in driving organisational success. They strategically manage the procurement process, ensuring efficient operations and cost-effectiveness while fostering a culture of innovation. Simultaneously, innovation managers spearhead initiatives to identify emerging trends, develop groundbreaking products, and capitalise on new market opportunities. With sustainability, digitalisation, and supply chain resilience gaining increasing emphasis, these careers offer diverse and rewarding pathways for professionals seeking to shape the future of business. Looking ahead to 2030, the purchasing sector is poised for transformative change, fuelled by technological advancements and strategic evolution. Challenges such as technological mastery, talent retention, and brand reputation will shape the landscape, highlighting the interplay between digitalisation, workforce dynamics, and corporate image. Procurement is positioned to emerge as a strategic partner and value creator, transcending its traditional cost-centric perception and catalysing the creation of a multitude of new positions within the sector. Find out more about careers