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Admission level

From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of prior learning




MSc, Master of Science


Full Time


September 2023



MSc International Purchasing & Innovation Management

While getting the cheapest price used to be the core concern for those in the purchasing profession, today’s professionals are more concerned with strategic factors such as innovation and speed to market. Key suppliers are vitally important. This shift in thinking requires an entirely different type of buying professional, and Kedge is at the forefront of training this new cohort of buyers.


Director of MAI, Purchasing & Innovation Management

Innovation capture is key

The MAI offers several courses in the field of purchasing, including International Purchasing Management. Many of the big multinationals now recognise that purchasing and innovation are inextricably linked when it comes to developing new products, and this is your chance to help lead this wave of change.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights

The company as a whole

Graduates of the Master of Science (MSc) in Purchasing and Innovation Management MAI can do many things besides purchasing. Thanks to cross-curricular courses, students can increase their working knowledge of marketing, strategy and product development.

Purchasing takes centre stage

After a long period operating as a simple support function, purchasing departments are now highly strategic assets within an organisation. During your training in International Purchasing Management, you’ll examine all sectors of the industry. You’ll analyse individual components of the goods and services purchased by different sectors, in order to observe the many changes that have occurred in the area of purchasing and procurement – and the rapidly changing role of procurement professionals.

We focus on the specific aspects of purchasing and procurement that require a clear vision of leadership and management. The goal is to help our students develop skills that will enable them to play a pivotal role in the future of purchasing.

Focus on innovation and sustainability

During the Purchasing and Innovation Management course, you’ll examine how new products are designed and developed. You’ll look at the importance of product change and innovation – particularly in the field of mass consumption.

We’ll also look at the role of the New Product Development (NDP) team, from idea to prototype and then from sample to product launch. Additionally, we’ll pay particular attention to the growth of the role of strategic suppliers in capturing innovation and improving speed to market.

We’ll discuss in detail the design and development of new products. In particular, how to do so while respecting the environment and integrating social value when sourcing from emerging markets and less regulated geographic areas.

A large community of alumni

We have a professional network of more than 4,000 graduates, most of whom work for large companies. It’s the only alumni community with this many purchasing managers in Europe, and this is supplemented by the KEDGE alumni network – which brings together more than 60,000 graduates from around the world. This forms a strong community and entrepreneurial network that gives students many options when it comes to career opportunities.

A program hailed by companies

Recruiters are in constant contact with MAI to offer internships and permanent positions to students and graduates of our International Purchasing Management courses. Moreover, companies are an integral part of the corporate project element of the course, which gets students to focus on providing real advice on a company’s current problem.

A course grounded in reality

Students are exposed to real working conditions, with a focus on personal responsibility and autonomy. Lectures are based on case studies of daily life, group work, presentations, real-life exercises, role plays, summary reports, and more.

Students also have the opportunity during the second half of the two-year programme in Purchasing and Innovation Management MAI to take a four to six month study trip.


You’ll develop specific internal skills through creating your own products, starting with the design phase. You must take into account all requirements and specificities related to your product.

You’ll know the customer market as well as the trends affecting the distribution and consumption of the finished product. You’ll become a master on the internal workings of your company to understand its needs, identify assets and meet the requirements of the marketing department. You’ll understand all performance factors related to quality, price, service, delivery and innovation.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Purchasing and Innovation Management encourages the use of innovative purchasing approaches and techniques.

Sharpening your skills to effectively deal with external stakeholders is incredibly valuable in this space, as it can help you:

• Detect suppliers with potential for innovation
• Involve key suppliers in the product development process
• Explore new sources of geographic purchasing
• Meet with potential suppliers for new products
• Select, manage, track the supplier portfolio and initiate and improve relationships
• Master the new technologies, best strategies, techniques and tools applied to purchases
• Monitor competition in purchasing

The multinational companies that recruit MAI International Purchasing Management students today are present in almost all sectors: agribusiness, cosmetics, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aeronautics and most service industries. Purchasing and supply chains are changing and we are following them closely to ensure our course effectively equips students for this exciting career.