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Admission level

From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of ScienceDiploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education


Full Time


September 2024



MSc International Business

In a highly globalised economic context, it’s essential to train professionals who can thrive in this international business environment. From economics to management to geopolitics, the aspects of international trade are incredibly varied – but all are of great importance.

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campus of Bordeaux


Head of MSc International Business

The best MSc programme to experience the world

The International Business programme is a double degree programme. It delivers a Master of Science accredited by the conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) and a diploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education. The training explores the cultural and geopolitical factors making up this global environment. It recreates the complexities of this ever-evolving global ecosystem. Our goal is to teach future business leaders to become international business developers, with a good knowledge of global business principles including strategy, marketing, geopolitics, business law, finance and the supply chain.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France


The priority of this programme is to establish close ties with companies that enhance student employability after completion of their MSc in International Business. In fact, 99% of our students find a job within six months of graduating. In order to continue to facilitate these connections with industry, our international programme features practical group work as a key component. During this time, students must create:

• A global business plan: create a real or imaginary company and define a business plan demonstrating international development. At the end of their project, students present it to a jury of potential investors. This can be an exciting launch opportunity for students who have a real project or business they want to see grow.
• A strategy case: students work on several international strategy case studies and propose areas for improvement. At the end of the project, they present their strategic recommendations to a jury, who award a winner.

KEDGE Business School's Master of Science MSc in International Business, delivering a 5-year higher education diploma, prepares students for not only the technical aspects, but also for the negotiation and behavioural dimensions through soft skills, teamwork, regular oral presentations, etc.

The MSc programme in International Business does not necessarily include an internship abroad or university exchange. However, this Master of Science programme, offered in Bordeaux and Marseille, includes a significant international dimension directly on campus:

To begin with, the programme is taught entirely in English from the first year. This usually provides students with a sufficient level of competency needed to get the most from the programme and grasp the subtleties around the specific vocabulary of international trade.

Also, courses are taught by experienced teachers from around the world who bring their own culture and viewpoints into the mix.

Furthermore, around 50% of students taking courses on our campuses are from international backgrounds – further adding to the cultural diversity of the international business programme.

Since geopolitics is now involved in the strategy of large companies, our International Business degree devotes one of its core courses to this specific topic.

- Operations Management
- Doing business in Asia, Africa, India, Europe & Middle East

- Luxury Marketing
- Doing business in North America, Europe & Middle East, Latin America, Asia

- Leading people & business across borders
- Doing business in India, Middle-East, Europe, Asia (focus on Japan)

Airbus, Alcatel Lucent, Apple, Bank of China, Barton & Guestier, Dior, Daimler, Decathlon, Google, Kraft Foods, Kuehne+Nagel, LinkedIn, L'Oréal, LVMH-Hermès, Natixis, Sony… Read more about employability

The MSc in International Business includes a six-month internship in a company. This internship can be carried out in France or abroad, depending on the student's professional and personal aspirations. In the two-year programme, which has two additional semesters at the beginning, students can organise a second internship also in France or abroad.

Skills developed during the Master of Science (MSc) International Business

In this programme, students learn all rules governing international trade in and out of the European Union.

Cultural differences can sometimes make communication complicated and subsequently make negotiations more difficult. Students will learn techniques to carry out negotiations in a multicultural context.

When negotiating, it is essential to know how to put forward the best image of your company. However, the rules abroad are not always the same as in your home country. You must therefore understand how to adapt and  convey a professional image.

This approach is particularly important when drawing up a Global Business Plan for a company (real or hypothetical). At the end of the year, students present their GBP to a panel of potential investors.

Students also develop entrepreneurial and coaching skills by developing business projects in groups throughout the programme.

Launching a new product or service abroad requires a thorough knowledge of local customer codes - a skill that our students acquire during their International Business Management course. This key skill is one of the tools we equip our students with to boost their careers in international business.