KEDGE Business School: Marseille campus

KEDGE Business School's Marseille campus comprises two distinct sites: Luminy, situated near the Calanques National Park, and La Joliette in the city centre. Marseille's allure extends beyond campus life, with its rich culture, diverse attractions, and quality education attracting international students.

 State-of-the-art facilities

The Luminy Campus, located at the entrance of the Calanques National Park, recently completed a significant renovation and extension project spanning over three years, covering more than 21,000m2 of buildings. This initiative, in line with sustainable principles, positions the campus as a frontrunner in education. As part of the renovation, energy consumption was reduced by 20% through various measures such as thermal insulation and energy-efficient lighting. Additionally, the campus incorporates green spaces and is connected to high-level service buses to reduce its carbon footprint. With modernised facilities conducive to innovative teaching methods, the campus provides stimulating environments for both learning and work:

  • 57 classrooms
  • 6 lecture theatres of which a sheltered outdoor one
  • 2 hubs and 22 brain bubbles: spaces dedicated to collective reflection sessions
  • 22 student associations
  • 1 incubator dedicated to business start-ups (KEDGE entrepreneurship Daniel Carasso), a space dedicated to business start-ups equipped with the latest technologies
  • 7700m2 of outdoor space including numerous terraces
  • A Design School, including a maker space (digital manufacturing workshop; wood and machining workshop; metal, resin/paint and ceramics area; modeling workshop), a computer room (digital drawing) and 3D modelling.
  • Various catering areas: Cafeteria, Food Truck, Sport Café, Columbus Café as well as a new space within the extension
  • An integrated relaxation/sports area with a fitness room, a city stadium and many sunny terraces


m2 over 3 sites




full-time professors

La Joliette campus

La Joliette (Espace Gaymard/Grand Large), the second campus for executive education, is located in the heart of the city, in La Joliette business district close to the Docks and the Mucem (Museum dedicated to the Mediterranean). It is easily accessible by metro, tram and bus. With a surface area of over 1300 m2, these buildings offer:

  • 8 classrooms (with a seating capacity of 15 to 80 people), which can be used for classes or workshops. All the classrooms have touch-screen TVs, computers and Wi-Fi access.
  • 4 meeting rooms.
  • 3 relaxation areas

Life in Marseille as an international student

Marseille, renowned for its vibrant culture, Mediterranean climate, and rich heritage, is an ideal hub for student development. Its array of attractions, including historic sites, bustling markets, and scenic beaches, provides students with ample opportunities for exploration. Furthermore, Marseille is home to prestigious universities, offering quality education and research prospects. With a population of 865,000 residents and 37,000 students, Marseille ranks highly in hosting foreign scholars, attracting 21,000 international students.

For accommodation, areas like La Plaine, Cours Julien, and Le Panier are recommended, with prices ranging from €400 to €700 per month. Online platforms and university services aid in finding suitable options. Securing accommodation before departure is crucial, and KEDGE provides a dedicated housing platform to assist students. With its diverse environment and convenient amenities, Marseille offers an enriching experience for international students. More information about accomodation

Marseille's allure lies in its blend of urban sophistication and coastal charm, with each neighbourhood contributing to its unique character. Public transport, including the RTM metro and regional trains, facilitates easy travel. Additionally, the levelo bike-share system offers a flexible transport option.

 How to apply and join KEDGE Business School in Marseille?

Begin your journey at KEDGE Marseille, where we believe financial barriers shouldn't hinder your education. Explore our diverse scholarship opportunities tailored for ambitious international students. Learn about the application process, tuition fees, visa procedures, health insurance, and more. Discover our range of international programmes designed to enrich your academic experience and prepare you for a global career. As an international student, you will be provided with guidance and resources to ease the application process. Find out the prerequisites to enrol in one of the academic or professional trainings as an international student on each programme's page. 

How to get there?

Many domestic and international flights serve Marseille-Provence airport located in Marignane, about 30-45 minutes North-West of Marseille

From the airport, you can reach the city centre by several means, more or less fast and more or less expensive:

  • The airport-St Charles train station shuttle  : a departure every 20 minutes for the sum of 10€. (7€ for 12-25-year olds). The journey takes 25 minutes. You will arrive at Gare St Charles, located in the city centre. From St Charles station you will find many bus lines as well as the M1 and M2 metro lines.
  • Taxis: you can take a taxi to get to the centre of Marseille. The fare is around 70-80 euros. Payment by credit card is widespread, take the precaution of asking the driver before leaving.

The railway station Saint Charles is the Central Railway Station in Marseille and is situated on the Esplanade St Charles. It is connected to the regional and national network by Intercity trains, TERs and TGVs which serve it daily enabling a journey to Paris in just 3 hours and 17 minutes, to Nice in 2 hours and 40 minutes, to Lyon in an hour and 40 minutes or Bordeaux in 6 hours. Other convenient connections include Geneva in Switzerland Milan and Genoa in Italy or Barcelona and Madrid in Spain.

Many bus lines are available from the station, to the city centre or neighbouring towns.

Two metro lines also serve Gare St Charles, lines M1 and M2

  • From Castellane (town centre) bus route B1 to Luminy KEDGE BS stop.  Access to building B of the KEDGE BS campus.
  • From Sainte Marguerite/Drome bus route 24 to KEDGE BS stop. Direct access to the KEDGE BS main entrance.


Immeuble Grand Large – 7 Boulevard de Dunkerque 13002 MARSEILLE / Immeuble Gaymard – 2/4 place d’arvieux 13002 MARSEILLE


The closest station to KEDGE Business School – campus Joliette:

  • Metro line no. 2 – in the direction of Bougainville - Joliette stop
  • Bus no. 35 (direction of Plage de Corbières)/no. 49 (direction of Réformés Cannebière)/no. 83 (direction of Rond Point du Prado metro – Vieux-Port stop)


Arvieux car park/Espercieux car park (in close proximity) / République car park/Phocéen car park: (5 minutes' walk from the venue)

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