KEDGE Business School: Marseille campus

The campus in Marseille is divided between different sites: the Luminy campus nestled on the edge of the Calanques National Park, and La Joliette campus located in the heart of the city.

Discover KEDGE Luminy Campus 

An extended and renovated campus since September 2021

Situated at the gateway to the Calanques National Park, the Luminy Campus has been completely renovated in line with the sustainable Mediterranean buildings approach within a beautiful natural environment. It is around 30 minutes away from the town centre by bus and a few kilometres away from Cassis, a small attractive town in Provence celebrated for its cliffs and Calanques but also its wines produced in the region.

Over a period of three years, renovation and modernisation work were carried out on more than 21,000m2 of buildings. The Luminy building, which is built around a large patio surrounded by large windows, is a real well of light and hosts a large number of services dedicated to the university community: the new University Library (a 360˚ open platform on the landscape of the creeks built on more than 2500m2 offering 550 sits), the Interdepartmental Centre for Language Teaching with its 5 classrooms, the Student Life office, the University Information and orientation Service, the international Relations Department, the Centre for Educational innovation and Evaluation with its 2 rooms equipped with interactive educational material, sports stakeholders (the University Service for Physical and Sports Activities, AS AMU and the South University Sports League) as well as a coffee bar with terrace managed by the CROUS.

In addition, it has nearly 800m2 of space dedicated to students: offices for associations, 14 self-service work rooms and cubicles for group work and joint projects, a foyer and activity room, as well as a relaxation lounge.

There are also a number of common areas such as the auditorium (100 seats), the video conference room, the exhibition hall (150m2), the multi-purpose area (250m2), the transit offices, a meeting room (16 seats), the interior patio on 2 levels of terraces.

These spaces make it possible to organise scientific seminars for example and cultural mediation events (exhibitions, shows, concerts) in order to promote life on campus. Students and collaborators come here to work, but also to relax and exchange.

This equipment can also be made available to companies and economic actors in order to organise seminars, meetings or forums.

Thanks to the project, the Luminy campus is positioning itself as one of the leaders in the field of education providing the most innovative facilities and teaching equipment. It offers its scholars exceptional living and working conditions.

The campus facilities:
  • 57 classrooms
  • 6 auditoriums of which a sheltered outdoor one
  • 22 brain bubbles: spaces dedicated to collective reflection sessions
  • 20 rooms dedicated to associations
  • 1 fitness centre
  • 4 catering areas
  • 2 Hubs
  • 1 new incubator dedicated to business start-ups (KEDGE entrepreneurship Daniel Carasso)
  • 370 lockers
  • 7700m2 of outdoor space and numerous terraces

State-of-the-art facilities

The creation and modernisation of spaces allows for a better adaptation to new teaching methods and improve the studying experience. The facilities have been redesigned as stimulating workplaces with a strong technological edge.

  • Modular and adaptable classrooms.
  • Auditoriums with varied seating capacities of which a sheltered outdoor one to accommodate up to 300 students.
  • Brain bubbles (spaces dedicated to collective reflection sessions).
  • A Design School: since 2019, KEDGE Design School has joined the Luminy campus. The Design workshops of nearly 500m2 include a Maker Space (digital manufacturing workshop; wood and machining workshop; metal, resin/paint and ceramics area; modeling workshop), a computer room (digital drawing) and 3D modelling. Our School of Design integrated into our School of Management allows students to acquire cross-functional skills, to hybridise their careers and thus meet the expectations of companies.

Facilities focused on innovation, co-creativity and entrepreneurship:

  • The HUBs are unique work spaces that facilitates creation, collaboration and co-working. Students can produce videos (videomathon), discover 3D printing (Digital Workshop), listen to conferences or participate in yoga classes (as part of the Wellness Centre). A second Hub has been created within the new extension.
  • KEDGE Entrepreneurship Daniel Carasso, a space dedicated to business start-ups equipped with the latest technologies. Set-up on 500m2 on the Marseille Campus, this online platform is committed to supporting hundreds of projects every year.

Facilities focused on the students’ needs and expectations

KEDGE is resolutely focused on the well-being of its scholars and provides them with:

  • Various catering areas: Cafeteria, Food Truck, Sport Café, Columbus Café as well as a new space within the extension.
  • An integrated relaxation/sports area with a fitness room, a city stadium and many sunny terraces.
  • A developed community life with dedicated spaces.
  • Nearby accommodations.
  • Easy access to the campus with sustainable mobility as a priority
  • Lockers available for sports or personal belongings.

A campus that respects its environment

The extension and renovation project of the Luminy campus has permitted the reduction of its energy consumption by 20% thanks to the use of thermal insulation, energy regulation systems and the new energy-efficient lightning.

The campus which is located on the edge of the Calanques National Park has been designed to respect its exceptional environment. The new infrastructures reduce the carbon footprint of students and collaborators by being directly attached to the BHLS (High Level Service Bus). In addition, the architecture, in line with the Sustainable Mediterranean Buildings (BDM) approach, incorporates green spaces (roof terraces, creation of agoras,etc).

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tenured professors

How to get to the Luminy campus?

Address: Domaine de Luminy, Rue Antoine Bourdelle, 13009 Marseille

Marseille by plane

Many domestic and international flights serve Marseille-Provence airport located in Marignane, about 30-45 minutes North-West of Marseille

From the airport, you can reach the city centre by several means, more or less fast and more or less expensive:

  • The airport-St Charles train station shuttle  : a departure every 20 minutes for the sum of 10€. (7€ for 12-25-year olds). The journey takes 25 minutes. You will arrive at Gare St Charles, located in the city centre. From St Charles station you will find many bus lines as well as the M1 and M2 metro lines.
  • Taxis: you can take a taxi to get to the centre of Marseille. The fare is around 70-80 euros. Payment by credit card is widespread, take the precaution of asking the driver before leaving.

Marseille by train

The railway station Saint Charles is the Central Railway Station in Marseille and is situated on the Esplanade St Charles. It is connected to the regional and national network by Intercity trains, TERs and TGVs which serve it daily enabling a journey to Paris in just 3 hours and 17 minutes, to Nice in 2 hours and 40 minutes, to Lyon in an hour and 40 minutes or Bordeaux in 6 hours. Other convenient connections include Geneva in Switzerland Milan and Genoa in Italy or Barcelona and Madrid in Spain.

Many bus lines are available from the station, to the city centre or neighbouring towns.

Two metro lines also serve Gare St Charles, lines M1 and M2

How to get from Marseille Provence airport to the campus

Take the airport shuttle to Saint Charles station.

The best way to get to KEDGE from the train station is to take the ‘metro’ (the entrances are near the taxi stand or inside the train station itself).

Take the Metro Line 2 direction Sainte-Marguerite Dromel.

Option 1: Get off at ‘Rond Point du Prado’ stop and get on the B1 bus to Luminy KEDGE BS stop.

Option 2: Get off at ‘Rond Point du Prado’ stop, then take the boulevard Michelet exit (the one to the left) and cross the road to reach the bus 21 or 921 (JETBUS) to Luminy, both leading directly to KEDGE business School (stop: Luminy ESCAE). Bus 21 will take you to the last stop and you will have to walk 5 minutes to reach the school up a rocky path.

Option 3: Get off at Sainte-Marguerite Dromel stop on the metro line and get the bus B24 to KEDGE BS stop. The bus line arrives directly to the entry-gate of the school.

How to get to Marseille Saint Charles train station to Luminy

The best way to get to KEDGE from the train station is to take the ‘metro’ (the entrances are near the taxi stand or inside the train station itself).

Take the Metro Line 2 direction Sainte-Marguerite Dromel.

Option 1: Get off at ‘Rond Point du Prado’ stop and get on the B1 bus to Luminy KEDGE BS stop.

Option 2: Get off at ‘Rond Point du Prado’ stop, then take the boulevard Michelet exit (the one to the left) and cross the road to reach the bus 21 or 921 (JETBUS) to Luminy, both leading directly to KEDGE business School (stop: Luminy ESCAE). Bus 21 will take you to the last stop and you will have to walk 5 minutes to reach the school up a rocky path.

Option 3: Get off at Sainte-Marguerite Dromel stop on the metro line and get the bus B24 to KEDGE BS stop. The bus line arrives directly to the entry-gate of the school.

From Marseille centre to Luminy by bus

  • From Castellane (town centre) bus route B1 to Luminy KEDGE BS stop.  Access to building B of the KEDGE BS campus.
  • From Sainte Marguerite/Drome bus route 24 to KEDGE BS stop. Direct access to the KEDGE BS main entrance.

Study Business management in France: programmes available on our Marseille campus

1 undergraduate programme:

  • International BBA: the most international four-year higher education programme in France

10 postgraduate programmes to fulfil your career plan:

  • Master in Management Grande Ecole: you will have one year to gain knowledge in business and management, and two years to get the opportunity to develop significant expertises with tracks or a double degree Master of Science. 
  • Marketing: the Master of Science (MSc) Marketing offers a dual approach: a comprehensive approach to marketing and a business specialisation.
  • International Business: the International Business programme is designed to give participants the necessary skills to compete in the global economy.
  • MSc Audit & Pilotage de la Performance: the Audit and Management Performance MSc prepares for a profession which has become essential.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales: the Master of Science (MSc) trains up flexible, multi-skilled professionals who will understand and master the skills required by the different parties involved.
  • Innovation, Transformation, Entrepreneurship is designed to train transformative leaders and agile entrepreneurs, acting as business leaders facilitating companies' transformation or developing start-ups.
  • Corporate finance: the Master of Science (MSc) in Corporate Finance is designed to prepare for international careers in this changing environment of startup and corporation.
  • International trade & Logistics: this programme offers a global approach in order to develop key skills in three complementary areas which are International Trade, Transport and Logistics.
  • Sport - International sport & event management: this MSc programme is widely recognised by sport industry professionals as a leading reference in their field, both nationally and internationally.
  • PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration): the PhD programme enables students to become future faculty members in leading international business schools and universities. 

Executive Education programme:

  • KEDGE Global MBA: a dedicated programme for EXECUTIVES with more than 8 years of professional experience. The KEDGE Global MBA offers high potential executives a prestigious diploma in business administration.

Why and how to apply to KEDGE Business School?

How to apply?

Find out the prerequisites to enrol in one of the academic or professional programmes as an international student. How to apply?

KEDGE Business School rankings

The School regularly appears in French and international rankings. Our business school stands out for its management and specialised training courses for scholars and professionals. It is among the top 1% Business School worldwide and is ranked among the best universities and business schools in France. In 2022, KEDGE ranks 9th in Le Figaro rankings and 10th once again in l'Etudiant rankings. Find out the school rankings in France and abroad.

Scholarships for international students

At KEDGE, we strongly believe that funding concerns should not prevent students from accessing the education of their choice. To help you create your journey towards your dream career, the school offers a range of scholarships to ambitious and talented international students. how to apply for scholarships?

Tuition fees for international students

Tuition fees can be found by visiting each individual programme.

Administrative formalities

Visa procedure, health insurance, contribution, housing insurance,etc. Find out more.

Discover La Joliette campus 

La Joliette (Espace Gaymard/Grand Large) for executive education, is located in the heart of the city  in La Joliette business district close to the Docks and the Mucem (Museum dedicated to the Mediterranean). It is easily accessible by metro, tram and bus.

As part of our CSR commitment, half the classrooms and facilities have been adapted for the visually impaired.

With a surface area of over 1300 m2, these buildings offer:
  • 8 classrooms (with a seating capacity of 15 to 80 people), which can be used for classes or workshops. All the classrooms have touch-screen TVs, computers and Wi-Fi access.
  • 4 meeting rooms.
  • 3 relaxation areas.

How to get to La Joliette?


Immeuble Grand Large – 7 Boulevard de Dunkerque 13002 MARSEILLE

Immeuble Gaymard – 2/4 place d’arvieux 13002 MARSEILLE


The closest station to KEDGE Business School – campus Joliette:

  • Metro line no. 2 – in the direction of Bougainville - Joliette stop
  • Bus no. 35 (direction of Plage de Corbières)/no. 49 (direction of Réformés Cannebière)/no. 83 (direction of Rond Point du Prado metro – Vieux-Port stop)


Arvieux car park/Espercieux car park (in close proximity)

République car park/Phocéen car park: (5 minutes' walk from the venue)

Life in Marseille as an international student

Things to know

  • 865,000 residents
  • 2nd largest city in France
  • 37,000 students
  • Ranked 6th French region in terms of hosting foreign scholars
  • 21,000 international graduates and undergraduates
  • Ranked 10th (out of 43) among French university towns as a great place to live and study (awarded by the l’Etudiant magazine)

Places to visit

It is the most important French city on the Mediterranean Sea and one of the top destinations for students around the world, and for many reasons: nature is magnificent and the student life is great!

It is the perfect blend of big-city swagger and fishing-village sociability. With more sun and less bustle than most French cities, it is also one of the most attractive ones. Come enjoy the simple things: outdoor terraces, cultural mix, apéro hour and street art at every corner. The city is divided in arrondissement (quartiers), each with its own personality, that make the 860,000- person city feel like the 111 villages locals describe it as.  Vibrant, calm, classy, young, edgy: get your walking shoes ready and start wandering if you want to discover all aspects of the town.

  • Venture beyond the Vieux Port. Spend time in the hillside bobo (‘bourgeois bohemian’) enclave of Vauban, the Hausmannian calm of Longchamp, the up-and-coming Chave, and the vibrant bar scene in Cours Julien.
  • Good walking shoes are required. You’ll need them to navigate the wobbly sidewalks, scattered hills, and thigh-burning staircases throughout the city.
  • Head for the rooftops. Find the biggest at friche Belle de Mai’s 86,000 square foot panoramic roof terrace for the best view in town.
  • Give thanks to the Good Mother. Marseille’s most visited monument and highest point, known as the guardian of the city which allegedly protects its sailors
  • Stroll through 17th century Fort Saint-Jean, one of its most incredible fortress
  • Don’t miss the MUCEUM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) an exquisite futuristic monument, designed as a filter to let light in.
  • Discover the Canebière and the cours Julien, constantly vibrating with the scooters buzz
  • Visit the Canebiere, the city’s famous large shopping avenue.
  • Climb the Calanques. These staggering limestone cliffs spilling into the sea are one of the city biggest highlights. You can access this national park by boat or by foot
  • Wander around the fish market in the Vieux Port and hunt for the best fresh fishes: grilled sardines, raw rust-red urchins or the many kinds of squid served a la Provençale.
  • Be sure to participate in a pétanque game! This famous local ball sport can be played in public areas or parks
  • Hit the beach, its rocky and sandy coves under the crystal-clear skies
  • Root for the home team and watch a mythic Olympique de Marseille football game at Stade Vélodrome, one of the most famous french stadiums.
  • And of course, don’t forget to order a pastis

Getting around town

The RTM public transportation (metro, tramway, bus) is available for getting around the town and surrounding areas:

For travelling within the region, take the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur regional trains:

For ride-sharing, refer to the collaborative websites:

  • National website:
  • Regional website: > Alternatives à la voiture en ville > autopartage et Covoiturage

For greater independence, you can rent a bike from levelo, the Marseille bike-share system (130 stations, 1,000 bikes):

Student accommodation

Finding a place to stay can be difficult and should be looked into before you leave your own country. KEDGE has a dedicated housing platform to help with your search.













As well as Marseille, KEDGE also offers international courses on its other campuses, Bordeaux, Toulon and Paris.

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