At KEDGE Business School, we strongly believe that students shouldn’t abandon their Education projects because of funding concerns.

That is why we have launched a financial support plan aimed specifically to help international students. 

Only non-French students applying to our International BBA, our Specialised MSc and to our Master in Management Grande Ecole Programmes are eligible for those scholarships.

Exchange student are not eligible to these scholarships.

You need to fill in our Scholarship application form (except for the Early Bird grant) and send it with your application. Please remember that you will be considered for financial aid only once you have been admitted to the programme of your choice.

4 types of scholarships are available

Early bird waiver

Applications received during the early decision period will automatically be considered for a 15% tuition reduction on acceptance into the programme. The final deadline for the early decision programme is February 28th, 2018. Students must submit all of the required documents to be considered for funding.

Distinction scholarship

Applicants may be eligible for a needs based scholarship of an extra 5% reduction in tuition fees. This extra tuition reduction will only be granted to students who are really in need of financial aid and who can also demonstrate an exceptional academic record and/or a good GMAT or GRE score. 
Students must provide financial documents to demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay the tuition fees.

Achievement scholarship

This scholarship is not cumulative with the early bird. 
It is a merit-based award based on the candidate’s admissions’ ranking. A student can be granted a scholarship equivalent to 15% of the total tuition fees. The achievement scholarship will only be granted to the students with the strongest academic records and/or a good GMAT or GRE score..

Outstanding student trophy

Two students a year with an exceptional academic record, and who can prove an active involvement in his/her community, will be granted a scholarship equivalent to 50% of the total tuition fees.

2017-2018 Academic Year

More than 50% of international students have benefited from these scholarships

Download files

International Scholarships application form_ 2018 (PDF - 702.6 kB)
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