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International EBP

KEDGE International EBP, a 5-year post-baccalaureate programme, offers up to three and a half years abroad, three degrees and fluency in three languages.  Ranked among the best master's degrees, this training allows students to have a year and a half of professional experience and to choose from four courses in the fifth year. The programme is highly employable, with 60% of students finding a job before graduation.

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International EBP offers a unique undergraduate format. With an unparalleled level of internationalisation, this training is a solid value for those who intend to pursue an international career in a wide variety of sectors. It is a benchmark in the rankings and has established itself through its academic excellence. KEDGE's EBP is particularly attractive to recruiters.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France CEFDG


- up to 6 countries: compulsory academic expatriation to several countries in addition to France.
- 3 internship periods, 2 of which are compulsory abroad.
- Up to 3 languages (French + 2 others).
- up to 3 degrees: 1 International Bachelor's degree (from partner university 1), 1 International Master's degree (from partner university 2 with the academic background) and the EBP International Master's degree.

- Up to 3 years abroad, divided between semesters of study at a partner university and internships.
- Academic recognition with graduation from the partner university.
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- Bachelor cycle: 20 universities
- Master's degree: 15 universities
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- International Academic
- Specialised MSc
- Business Zone
- Entrepreneurship

Skills developed

Immersion in new cultures with 3 years experience abroad.

18 months of internship, including one year abroad.

Between academic exchanges and internships, up to 3 years are devoted to expatriation.

- 3 years abroad
- 1 year internship abroad

Exploiting its full potential through Be-U. This educational device for personal and professional development, specific to Kedge, follows the student throughout his International EBP. Be-U meets the expectations of companies: finding entrepreneurial, agile profiles, capable of adapting to the diversity and complexity of situations.

Careers after graduation

The majority of EBP International graduates start their careers abroad in positions with a very strong international dimension in various sectors of activity. 60% find employment before graduation.