MSc International sport & event management

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Eduniversal French ranking 2024 - Sport and e-sport management category


Best Masters ranking 2024 - Sports management category

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From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bachelor's degree - 4 years, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of Science


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September 2024




Eduniversal French ranking 2024 - Sport and e-sport management category


Best Masters ranking 2024 - Sports management category

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MSc Sport - International Sport & Event management

The sports industry encompasses a wide range of professions dedicated to organising, managing, and promoting sporting events. Professionals in this field must possess specialised skills that adapt to the ever-changing landscape of sports. Based in Marseille, this Master of Science (MSc), recognised as the second-best programme in the sport and e-sport management category by the EdUniversal 2023 index, delivers a robust curriculum designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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Jean-Philippe DANGLADE


"The strength of this programme, created in 1997 and co-built with companies from the sector, lies in its ability to train managers in line with the needs and specificities of sports business. We manage that thanks to the combination of skills in event marketing and sports law. Our students benefit from personalised coaching on their professional project and the construction of their network. The International Sport & Event Management programme is recognised and valued by professionals in the sports industry, both nationally and internationally."

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Highlights of the International Sport & Event Management MSc

The first priority of our Master of Science programme is to promote the employability of the students. To do this effectively, we provide them with valuable academic insights that will stay with them throughout their careers, supported by real-life professional expertise. The course is led by a team of teacher-researchers who are experts in the professional sports industry. These recognised industry professionals share their own first-hand experience with students to help them acquire the knowledge and skills they’ll need to differentiate themselves in the labour market.

The international course includes lectures and workshops led by recognised professionals in the sports sector. This second approach to learning offers tangible added value to the training of our students, and involves stakeholders from companies including UEFA, Sportfive, AS Monaco, Olympique de Marseille, Oreca, Rugby Club Toulonnais, NBA, Uhlsport, PSG, MCES (E-Sport), Paris 2024 and many others. These knowledgeable and experienced sports professionals provide their support in the training of our Master of Science students.

Professional sport is an environment in which relationships are important. It requires the support and guidance of industry experts. That's why all our students benefit from personalised coaching with the leaders of Sport Carrière, helping them to refine their professional project and build a personal network. This networking with recognised professionals in the field allows students to benefit from a solid network as soon as they graduate – significantly increasing their employment opportunities.

In each class, the programme is constantly evolving to address the societal and environmental issues that most companies are grappling with. It covers marketing related to the cause, as well as relational and societal aspects. Therefore, students learn all about the importance of the company corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and its implications when organising responsible events. We also offer thematic trips during the Sport Event Management course to help students visualise and pinpoint the challenges of sports companies. Trips include a visit to the Allianz Riveria in Nice and first French ecostade, as well as many sports foundation workshops.

Our Master of Science (MSc) Sport has a network of 800 students around the world, all of whom hold key positions in sports event management. This network of experienced professionals provides real opportunities for all students. You will also join KEDGE 80000 Alumni community, further expanding your professional network and enhancing your career prospects.

KEDGE Business School's MSc embodies a truly international dimension, with English serving as the primary language of instruction starting from the first year. Furthermore, for students yearning for an enhanced global experience, there's an opportunity to fulfill the mandatory six-month internship requirement in a foreign country, allowing for an immersive and diverse professional exposure. This commitment ensures that students not only gain academic excellence but also cultivate a broadened cultural and professional worldview.

Skills developed in the International Sport & Event Management MSc

As sports managers, graduate students can organise and coordinate a variety of sporting events, regardless of their size, ranging from local tournaments to international championships. They are equipped with a diverse skill set acquired through rigorous coursework and hands-on experience, enabling them to handle every aspect of event planning with confidence and precision. From securing venues and managing logistics to overseeing marketing campaigns and ensuring participant satisfaction, our students have the expertise to orchestrate successful events from start to finish. Through our comprehensive curriculum and practical training, we empower our students to navigate the complexities of event management and deliver unforgettable experiences for athletes, spectators, and stakeholders alike.

As part of the coure of the study, students delve into the intricacies of sports marketing, honing their skills through comprehensive study modules taught in English. Equipped with a solid foundation in this subject, they navigate the dynamic landscape of the sports industry with finesse, leveraging their expertise in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) realms. Through rigorous research and practical application, they develop strategic marketing plans for products and brands, demonstrating their ability to meet the rigorous requirements of the field. Moreover, their postgraduate studies include in-depth exploration of digital marketing techniques, social media strategies, and consumer behaviour analysis, providing them with an upper hand in their future careers. With a focus on teaching industry-relevant skills, our programme ensures that graduates are well-prepared to excel in their chosen career paths, earning recognition and honours for their outstanding achievements.

Master of Science (MSc) Sport graduates are fully qualified to develop events that respond to CSR strategies and environmental and societal concerns of companies in the sporting world. They can act on behalf of key stakeholders such as license owners, sponsors or institutions. Organising sporting events requires many specific skills. During the Master of Science (MSc) Sport and Event Management, students get exposure to all the methods and tools they will need to meet the many challenges that sport can have.

Studying sport events in Marseille

Studying sports management in Marseille offers diverse opportunities in a vibrant city known for its sports culture, particularly football with Olympique de Marseille. The city hosts prominent teams like the Marseille Provence Handball club and Rugby Club Toulonnais, providing exposure to top-tier competitions. Marseille's coastal location makes it a hub for sailing and water sports, and a focal point for international sports events, enabling students to lets students attend high-profile events and apply their theoretical skills to a real environment: with modern facilities and infrastructure, the city is ideal for organising sporting events.

Several academic institutions in Marseille offer programmes in sports management and related fields, providing high-quality education by renowned key players and professionals. This educational experience is complemented by Marseille's exceptional living environment, nestled between the sea and mountains.

In the heart of the Calanques national park, KEDGE Luminy campus integrates modern architecture with natural surroundings, enhancing the overall experience. Various activities throughout the year contribute to the holistic development of students. Explore campus