Student home insurance in France

When you move to France for your studies, you may be legally required to insure your rented accommodation against certain risks. Any rental process should include home insurance, but it is not always simple to understand all the nuances. That is why KEDGE is here to inform you of all the advantages and guide you through the home insurance policy for students.

Is student home insurance compulsory in France?

In France, the tenant is required to get home insurance as soon as they move into new accommodation. This document is necessary to check in at most student residences on the first day to get your keys. The rental agreement may be terminated, or the renter may be asked to leave if they have not obtained it. Whether you live in a student residence or rent a furnished/unfurnished room or studio, you need to take out student home insurance.

The law holds the tenant liable for any damage he might do to the rented property, as well as to the properties of their neighbours. To ensure that both the renter and the landlord have some level of legal protection in the event of an incident, the tenant must purchase home insurance.

We recommend you take out home insurance before moving to France. Your landlord is likely to ask for proof that you have full coverage of your student accommodation. In shared housing, there are two options: either all tenants purchase the same insurance and split the cost, or each tenant purchases their insurance.

Similarly, all French residents are required to have civil liability insurance. If you cause a physical injury, property damage, or immaterial harm to a third party, this insurance policy will protect you and cover the expenses. It is generally included in the home insurance, but you should always double-check it with your insurance company.

What does student home insurance in France cover?

You should make sure that your home insurance contract clearly specifies which guarantees you are entitled to and what expenses it can cover. In particular, pay attention to such important clauses as the extent of guarantees, the type of risks covered, what cannot be covered, the value of insured goods, the maximum amount of the guarantees, and franchises.

The extent of the guarantees outlines what your contract covers, such as civil liability and any damage to the rented property. 
With home insurance, your student accommodation is protected in the event of all natural and technological disasters such as earthquakes, fire, water, electrical damage, etc. The whole building you live in is covered by this insurance, together with the furniture, the inhabitants present during the incident, and their civil liability.

Likewise, the contract must specify what it does not cover, or what you will not be compensated for. It should also state the value of the covered goods. Your choice of the value range will largely determine the cost of your home insurance. The maximum coverage, or the maximum amount you can be compensated for particular damage, must be specified in your contract as well.

Your home insurance will serve as proof of your legal responsibility and help you with some expenses if any harm has been done to a third party or their property.

Moreover, insurance companies usually offer students:

  • Vandalism and theft protection; 
  • Terrorism protection;
  • Criminal defence; 
  • Discounted services of locksmiths, plumbers, and electricians.

Pay attention to the franchise that is indicated in your home insurance contract. It is the amount for you to pay following the damage, even if you have already received partial compensation. The cheaper your insurance, the higher the franchise is. 

How to get student home insurance in France?

To get student home insurance in France, you must contact an insurance company and provide the following details:

  • Location of your student accommodation;
  • Type of housing (house, flat/studio, or room); 
  • Size of your student accommodation;
  • The number of tenants/students living there.

After you have signed a contract with your insurance company, they will provide you with a home insurance certificate that you need to show to your landlord or a student residence. Normally, you should receive it via mail or e-mail, or download it on your online dashboard.

The price of home insurance varies depending on the characteristics of your student accommodation. It usually costs from €10 to 15 per month for a studio.

Do not hesitate to contact our housing advisors for further advice on your home insurance: 

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