Study in Marseille

Studying in Marseille as an international student offers a rich blend of academic excellence, diverse cultural experiences, and stunning natural surroundings. With its vibrant urban environment, proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and dynamic nightlife, Marseille provides an authentic French experience with ample opportunities for personal and academic growth.


Marseille campus

Situated on the outskirts of the picturesque Calanques National Park, KEDGE Luminy Campus in Marseille offers an enriching academic environment. Since its extensive renovation in September 2021, the campus has embraced sustainable Mediterranean architecture, aligning with its stunning natural surroundings. Boasting 57 classrooms, 6 auditoriums, and 22 brain bubbles, it provides state-of-the-art facilities conducive to innovative learning. Moreover, with 20 association rooms, a fitness centre, and multiple catering areas, students enjoy a balanced lifestyle. The campus prioritizes student well-being, evident through its relaxation areas, outdoor spaces, and proximity to accommodations. Furthermore, with a focus on environmental sustainability, the campus has reduced its energy consumption by 20% and integrated green spaces, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with nature. Find out more

Student accomodation in Marseille

The Luminy campus, situated in the 9th arrondissement, is best accessed via Bus 21 stops nearby. La Joliette campus, dedicated to executive education, is located in the bustling La Joliette business district, close to the Docks and the MuCEM museum. The 6th, 8th, and 9th arrondissements are recommended for student accommodation searches. While the 8th arrondissement is popular but pricey, the 9th arrondissement is becoming increasingly attractive due to its affordability and proximity to the campus. Trendy areas in Marseille city centre include Préfecture, Castellane, Perier, and Cours Julien, offering vibrant shops, eateries, and green spaces. The average monthly rent in Marseille is approximately €530, varying based on location and dwelling size. Shared accommodation is popular for its affordability and space. More information

Arrival and integration assistance

Many domestic and international flights arrive at Marseille-Provence airport, located in Marignane, about 30-45 minutes northwest of the town. From the airport, transport options to the city centre include the shuttle to Saint-Charles railway station, the airport train, or taking a taxi. Saint-Charles is the main railway station, offering connections to regional and national networks, including cities abroad like Geneva, Milan, and Barcelona. Bus lines and metro services are available from Saint-Charles station to reach the city centre or neighbouring areas.

The Interact student association assists the International Student Office in integrating international students with French newcomers by organising year-round activities. The Interact team offers support during arrival, orientation sessions, and throughout their stay, providing guidance on tasks such as opening bank accounts, setting up utility accounts, purchasing public transportation tickets, acquiring mobile phones, and searching for housing options.

Student life in Marseille

Student life in Marseille offers a vibrant blend of urban energy and Mediterranean charm, attracting international students seeking an authentic French experience. Marseille, France's oldest city after Paris, boasts a rich cultural heritage and dynamic university atmosphere. With a population of 865,000, Marseille is the third-largest metropolitan area in France and hosts 37,000 students, ranking 6th for hosting scholars from abroad. It's also celebrated as the 10th best French university town, offering a fantastic environment for living and studying. From iconic landmarks like Notre Dame de la Garde to stunning natural attractions like Les Calanques, Marseille offers a wealth of places to explore, showcasing the city's history and culture. Marseille's nightlife is equally vibrant, with a variety of venues offering unique experiences for students to unwind and socialize after their management courses.

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