MSc, Master of Science Creativity & Design Management

Made in South of France

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From Bachelor's degree - 3 years to Bac +5, Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP)




MSc, Master of ScienceDiploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education


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MSc Creativity & Design Management

The cultural and creative sector, encompassing design, spans diverse activities marked by distinct strategic properties and a growing integration of skills. In adapting to this evolving economy, creativity and design emerge as highly coveted competencies essential for navigating a complex and competitive market landscape. These cross-cutting skills play a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic experiences of consumers and users, driving societal innovation, and catalysing business transformation.

The MSc programme in Creativity & Design Management is tailored to nurture students into creators and innovators within the creative industries and other innovative sectors of the economy and society.

KEDGE Business School’s Master of Science Creativity & Design Management is a double degree programme. It delivers a Master of Science accredited by the conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) and a diploma recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education.

campus of Marseille

Susana Paixão-Barradas

MSc Creativity & Design Management educational Director

Objectives of the programme in Creativity & Design Management

Upon graduation, students can pursue roles in creation, design, and managerial functions within the creative industries and other innovative sectors.

The MSc Creativity & Design Management programme opens doors to various creative industry sectors, including visual arts, design, crafts, fashion, luxury, creative digital services, and communication, as well as heritage, performing arts, cultural industries (such as cinema, video games, music, media), and leisure industries (such as tourism, outdoor activities, and sports).

Furthermore, graduates are equipped to contribute to ideation, innovation, and problem-solving across diverse business sectors in the economy.

Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights

In today's dynamic business environment, companies are increasingly blending disciplines to innovate. With its collaborative nature, Design stands at the forefront of organisational evolution, catalysing creativity across various sectors.

France stands out for its rich artistic heritage, cultural diversity, and vibrant creative industries. Globally, it ranks 6th in creative products, encompassing brand values, export of cultural goods, patent origins, online creativity, and more, as per the Global Innovation Index. Our programme draws upon the finest French savoir-faire, creative and cultural traditions, alongside the specialised expertise of our sector's organisations and companies.

The South of France serves as both a historical and contemporary hub for creation and design.

  • The South of France has long been a source of inspiration for some of the greatest artists in history, including Renoir, Manet, Cézanne, Van Gogh, Bonnard, Matisse, Miró, Giacometti, Chagall, Braque, Léger, Picasso, and Gauguin, among others.
  • It continues to attract renowned French designers such as Rudy Ricciotti, Robert Guédiguian, Jacquemus, Axel Chay, IAM, Jul, and Gérald Passedat.
  • The region has been instrumental in the development of major French brands like L’Occitane en Provence, Maison Fragornard, Biot glassworks, and the Madura Workshop.
  • It hosts prestigious institutions such as Fondation Maeght, Villa Noailles, MUCEM, Fondation Van Gogh, Fondation Luma, and Collection Lambert.

Marseille, designated as the European Capital of Culture in 2013, stands out as one of France's most vibrant and creative cities. With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Marseille thrives on a dynamic mix of creative and cultural activities, with a special focus on visual arts, design, fashion, music, and sports.

Located amidst this cultural richness, the Creativity and Design Bachelor programme, situated in the Calanques at the Luminy campus in Marseille, provides students with an immersive experience in this fertile ground for creativity.

Delivered entirely in English, our programme embraces international cooperation by welcoming professors, professionals, and international students. This approach reflects a blend of global and local perspectives, highlighting the "Made in France" essence as well as the South of France. Plus, the programme leverages the extensive global network of KEDGE Arts School, boasting strong partnerships with esteemed institutions like the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China's most prestigious art and design school.

Experiential teaching primarily occurs within creative organisations closely connected to professionals in the sector. This approach incorporates methods like on-site courses, professional workshops, and an annual study trip abroad.

In project-based teaching, students are encouraged to address complex problems, develop strategies, and design and test their innovations. We value an entrepreneurial approach, empowering our students to become key players in shaping market developments.

The MSc Creativity & Design Management taps into the knowledge base of the Creative Industries and Culture research centre to disseminate expertise in arts, design, and creative industries management, facilitated by our team of researchers. Emphasising values like avant-garde, freedom, diversity, and collaboration, the programme collaborates with a wide range of partners in the design and creative industries sector, from large national companies and institutions to smaller creative businesses. These professionals contribute practical insights to our teachings, ensuring high-quality learning experiences within real-world contexts and providing valuable networking opportunities for accessing the market.

Key points

Creativity and Design at KEDGE Arts School

Over the past two decades, KEDGE Arts School has been at the forefront of nurturing talent in arts, design, and creative industries management. With a rich legacy of three decades in design excellence at our Marseille campus, KEDGE Arts School is home to the esteemed Creative Industries & Culture research center, alongside a range of esteemed teaching programmes:

  • Franco-Chinese Institute of Arts and Design Management (Shanghai/France) in partnership with CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts)
  • MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management (Paris)
  • Bachelor of Creativity and Design (Marseille)
  • MSc Creativity & Design Management (Marseille)

We extend a warm invitation to creative, passionate, and forward-thinking individuals, irrespective of whether you're a manager, artist, designer, or entrepreneur, to join our esteemed MSc Creativity & Design Management programme. Embrace innovation and alternative approaches as we embark on this transformative journey together.