All KEDGE trainings include a compulsory internship period of at least 6 months in their curriculum.


Support in the search for internships

Amphitheatre sessions on internship search methodology are organised in each programme. They explain:

  1. the terms and conditions of your internship
  2. the research tools made available to you
  3. the terms and conditions of the agreement

On a regular basis, Facebook live sessions are organised on the theme of internships and career orientation.

Internship search workshops are organised with the internship service and the Career Centre. They allow you to assess your search, to remove any obstacles and to receive advice.

In case of major difficulties, you can ask for an appointment with a coordinator of the internship service or the Career Centre.

Download files

KEDGE BS internships periods schedule 2020-2021 (in French) (PDF - 497.9 kB)