Career Center

The Career Centre supports the personal and professional development of all Kedge students throughout their studies. The Career Centre teams provide you with tools, events and facilities to help you build your employability all along the way.

The system

The original and unique personal and professional development system set up by KEDGE's Career Centre has three objectives:

  1. To help you get to know yourself better
  2. Define your professional project in line with your personality
  3. Build and implement this project

In addition to the workshops deployed in many educational programmes (MIM, Kedge Bachelor, EBP, and IBBA), the Career Centre supports all Kedge students in their employability through :

Group workshops

Throughout the year, several times a week, the Career Centre offers HR workshops; these workshops aim to help you finalise your application tools, develop your personal branding and, above all, be effective in your search for a placement.

These remote workshops have several focuses:

  • "Kedge tools for my internship search / internship search methodology"
  • "Writing my CV/LM application tools"
  • "Optimising my LinkedIn profile"
  • "Using the network effectively in my internship search"
  • "Pitching my professional project"

These workshops are offered in French and English.

Individual coaching

Some subjects can only be dealt with on a one-to-one basis, hence the Career Centre offers you an individual support by a professional coach. These meetings take place remotely, via Teams.

Coaching sessions can focus on the following topics:

  • Refining your professional project
  • Practicing recruitment interviews for internships or jobs
  • Structuring your search for an internship/work placement or job
  • Gaining confidence / Managing emotions and stress
  • Reviewing your professional project after a gap year

To participate in these courses, just contact your campus Career Centre.

Recruitment Events

My Way days

They help students looking for an internship, summer job, gap year job, and permanent employment... They include:

  • Employability workshops: writing a CV or cover letter in French or English, developing a network, understanding an individual or group interview, implementing a methodology for finding an internship
  • Practice interviews organised with recruitment firms
  • Careers talks: a professional, often a graduate of the school, presents their career and profession to students
  • HR talks. E.g. social networks, salary negotiation, the jobs market.
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