Professional and personal development

Recruitment events

The Career Centre supports the personal and professional development of all Kedge students throughout their studies. The Career Centre teams provide you with tools, events and facilities to help you b...

Learning by Doing

Learning by doing is a pillar of KEDGE teaching strategy. As a trailblazer in the field, we are convinced that learning through projects and experience deeply changes students' personal and profe...

Pedagogy Be-U

Be-U is a personal and professional guidance scheme offered by Kedge. It is centred around 3 aspects: Being (learning to understand yourself in order to create a life plan that is right for you), livi...


All KEDGE courses include a compulsory internship period of at least 6 months in their curriculum.

KEDGE Alumni

The KEDGE BS Alumni Association is a powerful worldwide network of 70,000 professionals from all sectors of activity (purchasing, logistics, commerce, finance, management, marketing, communication, wi...

Work-study Training

Work-study training is an academic course in which periods of theoretical training alternate with periods of application in a company.

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