International BBA

The most international four-year higher education programme in France

1st International excellence (L'Etudiant 2016)

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Academic records with official equivalence to French Baccalaureate

Bachelor of Honour

The most international four-year higher education programme in France

International BBA (formerly CeseMed) is the International Bachelor's programme of KEDGE business school, offering students a minimum 2 years spent abroad and 1 year of professional experience. With its 110 excellent academic partners and various tracks, this programme makes it possible for you to develop a truly global calibre. You will develop a strong CV that will attract international and multicultural recruiters and meet the growing need for international candidates in the business world.

Why choose this programme?

The most international four-year higher education programme in France

  • 2 years abroad required: academic exchange and internship;
  • 110 partner universities and 12 options for dual degrees;
  • 1 dual campus track:
    • Chinese Track: International BBA students attend classes on our Suzhou campus.
  • Multicultural year groups: 1/3 of students are international;
  • Full English track available starting in Year 1.

Professional development

  • Six month internship in Year 2 (in France or abroad);
  • Six month international internship is required in the final year.

4 specialisations available

  • Chinese Track;
  • Brand Management;
  • Web Digital Strategy;
  • Financial Trading.

Skills developed

Mastery of an international, multicultural environment

  • Two years abroad;
  • Minimum six month internship abroad;
  • 1/3 of students are international.

Mastery of one or two foreign languages

Including academic exchanges and internships, a minimum of 2 years must be spent abroad, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 different countries.

Fundamentals of Management in international environments

International Environments and Geopolitics, Data Management and Information Systems, Operations Management, Intercultural Management, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Human Resources in a Global Context, etc.

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