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Admission level

From Bac +3 to Bac +5




Master of Science


Full time


September 2022 - January 2022 (for holders of a 3-year higher education degree wishing to enter the long track)



Presentation of the MSc Arts & Creative Industries management

This Master of Science programme, which focuses on Arts & Creative Industries Management, is managed by the Creative Industries & Culture Research Centre. The centre aims at producing and sharing knowledge on the effective management of creative industries and culture, and provides a bank of knowledge for students to tap into to enhance their studies.



Head of MSc in Arts & Creative Industries Management


The cultural and creative sector includes a wide range of activities, characterised by specific strategic aspects and an increasingly common hybridisation. The latter flourishes and today defines a new concept of entrepreneurial and cosmopolitan capitalism. KEDGE enables students to specialise in the management of arts, culture and creative industries.

MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management trains future managers in the following sectors:

  • Visual arts & Heritage,
  • Performing Arts (Theater, Dance, Opera,...)
  • Cultural Industries (Cinema, Music, Publishing, Video Games, Media...)
  • Creative Services (Architecture, Design, Communication, Digital...)
  • Taste Industries (craft, fashion, gastronomy, wine & spirits, luxury...)
  • Leisure and Entertainement Industries (Tourism, Game, Sport...)


“Heritage management requires a specific set of skills because of its symbolic value and the strong presence of public stakeholders… KEDGE Business School and its Creative Industries Research Centre have demonstrated their expertise in training students in the creative industries for several years.”
Manager at the Musée d’Orsay

“This programme seems to me to be a pragmatic and innovative response to the rapid transformation of the creative industries.”
Manager at Sony Music

“The core curriculum of this programme is perfectly in line with the LVMH Group’s vision for the creative and luxury industry – excellence and expertise, creativity and innovation, and lastly entrepreneurship.”
Manager at LVMH

Programme's Labels :

Conférence des Grandes Ecoles Bienvenue en France

Programme highlights


This Master’s degree focuses on a broad curriculum spanning multiple creative industries to help students discover the diversity of the creative sector. This approach lets students fully understand value creation in this area, and provides the opportunity to develop their career from one sector to another. This brings a real meaning and tangible value to their Master of Science.

Students word:

“You never know what another industry can bring you, they don’t work alone.”;
“You can take a knowledge not only from one sector, but you can use it to feed your imagination”;
“From Music to Fashion, I can see the link now. It is hard when you want to work in Creative Industries to focus on only one sector.”


The French strive to make the most of the management of our artistic, cultural and creative organizations. Indeed, France is unique in the richness of its cultural heritage and dynamic nature of its creative sector.

This country is famous for our "cultural exception" – supporting a wide range of productions. Culture is not considered a mere commodity; it is put on a pedestal. France has a truly unique notion of artistic, cultural and creative goods, and this is apparent to people all over the world. We integrate this French approach to the arts into the way we structure and teach our Arts and culture management course.

Student words :
« The main asset of this programme is that it is in the heart of Paris studying the French market from a creative and managerial perspective. »


The Creative Industries & Culture Research Center, which runs the MSc Arts and Creative Industries Management programme, is made up of a team of 15 researchers, all are very involved and proactive.

From prestigious arts institutions to small creative businesses, we have many partners in the arts, culture and creative industries. These partnerships help us keep abreast of current practices, hot topics and trends through a series of workshops, masterclass and study trips. It’s also through our relationships with these professionals that we can ensure a high quality of contextual learning and provide exposure to large professional networks in order to access business areas related to the MSc in Arts Management.

Students words:
"There is a very STRONG INTERACTION WITH PROFESSIONALS of the sector, from all the creative industries, "at different stage of their career from peers to employers”, it’s “give an image about how or life is gonna be” and have the possibility to connect with “people who have an influence in the community” during Master Class"


Creativity is born of diversity. The MSc is made up of a group of students, both French and international (40% of International students), with very different profiles (both managerial and artistic). Kaitlyn, an American art history student, can work with Irene, a French student trained in luxury management, Abhishek, an Indian psychology student and DJ with a passion for music, as well as Mehdi, a Moroccan management student who oscillates between video games and fashion. Each profile is unique and each one finds its place in the MSc and in the field.


The method of teaching employed throughout the MSc in Arts Management is an immersive one. Using the expertise of research, we combine this with strong industry connections to create learning experiences that include:

•    On-site courses in arts, culture and creative organisations
•    Workshops with different brands
•    Study trips (Creative France and London)
•    Projects for organizations in creative industries


For one month, international experts in arts and creative industries management will come to Paris from all around the world for a seminar on comparative management.


Understand the special features of arts, culture & creative industries management and marketing in France and internationally

Build and lead creative and innovative strategies for the field

Develop creative, intrapreuneurial and entrepreuneurial competences

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