A wide range of catering options are available in all campuses including sit-down lunches, fast food, food trucks or snacks depending on your time schedule.


For lunch on the go 

Le Comptoir in Bordeaux, the Sports Café in Marseilles and the cafeteria in Toulon all offer a wide range of fast food selection: pasta salads, paninis, freshly-made salads and sandwiches are all available to eat-in or takeaway. Two food trucks have also been installed on the Bordeaux and Marseilles campuses. Each offering a selection of street food.

For a leisurely lunch

There is a self-service restaurant on each campus which serves healthy set menus: starter, main dish (meat, fish, vegetables, starchy food, vegetarian meals) and dessert.


Le Comptoir and the Starbuck Corner in Bordeaux and the HUB in Marseilles offer a range of soft drinks and hot beverages, as well as snacks (fruit, dairy products, pastries).

The BerK’ail and Foyer associations also offer a range of fast food and snacks in a welcoming environment that is very popular with students. 

The catering options available follow the approach promoted by the  Wellness scheme whereby all students should have access to healthy food at an affordable price.

Catering on the KEDGE campus of Bordeaux



Catering on the KEDGE campus of Marseille

Woody Bohemian testimony


Food truck - Marseille Campus

 Woody Bohemian invites you to experience food that is new, creative, and fun! Every day the food truck, which is based on the Luminy campus, offers you a sandwich and a side dish with a drink or dessert. Woody Bohemian has chosen quality for you, putting the emphasis on seasonal and local produce, using organic produce wherever possible.