The departments include lecturers who share complementary expertise within a management discipline. Within the department, the course creation and teaching assignments are coordinated for all the programmes under the supervision of the department manager, elected by the collaborators.

Accounting, Finance, Economics

The Accounting, Finance, & Economics academic department (CFE) at KEDGE brings together professors from fields such as general accounting, financial and extra-financial accounting, auditing & ...


The Management department at KEDGE is composed of professors from diverse professional and geographic backgrounds.

Operations Management and Information System - MOSI

The Operations Management and Information Systems Academic Department (MOSI) at KEDGE Business School brings together professors from disciplines including procurement management, supply chain managem...


KEDGE's Marketing Department seeks to answer questions regarding the marketing of the future. The staff profiles of this department’s faculty reflect this goal.


The Department of Strategy, Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship encompasses fields related to the creation, development, organisation and strategy of companies and considers issues such as cr...

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