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KEDGE’S marketing department seeks to answer questions concerning the marketing of the future. The staff profiles of this department’s faculty reflect this goal.

Marketing Department

The Department teaches the basic skills needed to make a career in marketing - whether to become a marketing manager, to work in brand management, advertising and promotion, market research or sales and distribution, etc. - the faculty has proven expertise in fields related to the various marketing contexts and situations (sports and events marketing, marketing of wine and luxury goods, services and BtoB etc.). 

The faculty’s research topics reflect this situation, offering the state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise needed to enhance the different KEDGE programmes, from pre-bachelor level to doctorates and ongoing training. Among other things, this includes its scientific output and the academic renown of its teaching staff, with the creation of research chairs for example, in addition to significant participation in international research programmes and projects, conferences and research seminars, not forgetting scientific publications in listed academic reviews.

At the same time, this academic performance is accompanied by close cooperation with the corporate world, with the aim of converting the research results into innovative solutions and concrete practices as a response to the marketing requirements raised in the market by companies and not-for-profit institutions.


The MARKETING department’s teaching staff mainly teach on the following programmes: 

  • KB 1st year - Two marketing courses – The basics of marketing (S1) and Operational marketing (S2) (for the 7 campuses) 
  • KB 3rd year Marketing-related specialisations: 
  • Marseille campus KB 3rd year – “Trend marketing” (opens this year) Marseille campus 
  • Toulon campus “Digital Marketing” 
  • Bordeaux campus “Marketing” in English 
  • Bayonne campus “Communication and Marketing” 
  • Dakar campus “Marketing & Events”





  • International Marketing 
  • Media, Lobbying & Communication Opening postponed until Sept 2021

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