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What is the Marketing ?

KEDGE's marketing department aims to answer questions relating to the marketing of the future, and the characteristics of the faculty members and this department reflect this ambition. Therefore, while it provides the basic skills required to carry out a job in marketing - whether to become a marketing manager, or to work in brand management, advertising, promotion, market research or sales and distribution - the faculty also has proven expertise in fields relating to different marketing and situational concepts (sports and events marketing, wine and luxury marketing, services marketing, B2B, etc.). 

The faculty's research interests reflect this situation, and it provides the state of the art knowledge and expertise necessary to enhance the various programmes offered by Kedge, from pre-Bachelor to PhD level and continuing education. This results in an impressive scientific output and the academic renown of the teaching staff, with the creation of research chairs, for example, and considerable participation in international research programmes and projects, research conferences and seminars and scientific publications in specialist reviews. This academic performance is further complemented by close cooperation with the business world, meaning the research results can be translated into innovative solutions and concrete practices to answer the marketing questions encountered on the market by businesses and other non-profit institutions.

Department Director: Jean-Philippe Danglade

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