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Kathleen DESVEAUD is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School, in Marseille. After doing a preparatory class (ECS), and a PGE master’s degree at Toulouse Business School, she graduated with a PhD in Management Science from the University of Toulouse Capitole. Previously she was a visiting scholar at the National University of Singapore, within the Quantitative Psychology department. She is currently in charge of courses related to Big Data, AI, and Machine learning, in the Kedge PGE program. She is doing research in marketing with a passion for psychology, statistics, and data sciences. In her research, she is interested in many themes such as brand perceptions, customer loyalty, or AI adoption, with a particular interest and appetite for quantitative methods and data analysis (mathematical modeling of consumer behavior).

    Recent publications
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    PAVONE, G., K. DESVEAUD, "Strategic Implications of Chatbots in Marketing: Exploring Applications and Factors of Customer Acceptance" in The Impact of Digitalization on Current Marketing Strategies., Emerald Publishing Limited Ed., Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 1-18, 2024 2024 Book chapter
    DESVEAUD, K., L'intelligence artificielle décryptée: Comprendre les enjeux et risques éthiques de l'IA pour mieux l'appréhender, Editions EMS, Caen, France, 2024 2024 Book
    DESVEAUD, K., T. MANDLER, M. EISEND, "A meta-model of customer brand loyalty and its antecedents", Journal of Business Research, 2024, vol. 176, pp. 114589 2024 Journal article
    DESVEAUD, K., "Les méthodes de recherche quantitatives: une expérience de thèse en 10 conseils" in L'expérience de la thèse en management. Regards croisés de jeunes docteurs., Ed., Editions EMS, chap. 9, pp. 171-191, 2023 2023 Book chapter
    DESVEAUD, K., J. MALLOL, "Stakes and challenges in building and analyzing a client database: a case study of a French company", Management & Datascience , October 2019, vol. 3, no. 3 2019 Journal article
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    • Meta-analysis

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