Operations Management and Information Systems - MOSI

The Operations Management and Information Systems Academic Department (MOSI) at KEDGE Business School brings together Professors from disciplines such as Purchasing Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Information Systems Management, Project Management, Urban Logistics, Maritime and Air Transport, and Sustainability in these areas.


Operations Management and Information Systems department - MOSI 

These disciplines are all related to Supply Chain Management in the broadest sense. Professors in the MOSI Department provide theoretical and practical training designed to give students specific knowledge of Purchasing, Supply Chain, Quality, Information Systems, Maritime and Air Transport, as well as a global and cross-disciplinary vision of Supply Chain Management. 

Teaching commitment 

The educational project of the MOSI department is based on five main pillars: 

  • Interactive teaching, learning by doing and transferring knowledge; 
  • An international and prospective approach to the concepts taught; 
  • The correct balance between theoretical and practical learning; 
  • The correct balance between classes and work outside the classroom; 
  • The correct balance between individual and group work. 

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Professors from the MOSI department mainly teach the following programmes: 

  • The Master in International Purchasing (MAI), ranked number 1 in purchasing by professionals and the media;
  • The ISLI, Master in Supply Chain Management, a training programme of excellence established in 1984 by BEM. It is Europe’s longest-standing course in Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management; 
  • The MSc  International Trade and Logistics on our campus in Marseille directed by Elisabeth Jouannaux, from MOSI department ;
  • The ISMQ, Master in Quality Management, a benchmark programme in its sector; its director Marc Faget is a member of MOSI department teaching staff; 
  • The MSc in Data Analytics for Business directed by Olivier Dupouët from MOSI departement ;
  • The KEDGE Wine School offering leading training in wines and spirits, from marketing to management and including sommelier studies;
  • The ESC, Grande Ecole programme, including the “Operations Management” major and track.
  • Undergraduate programmes KEDGE Bachelor (track supply chain), EBP International (track supply chain), IBBA (track supply chain – starting in the new academic year 2022) and the Business Engineering programme. 

KEDGE Business School is a member of the following networks: 

  • ERCIS (European Research Centre for Information Systems) , through the contribution of the Information Systems Management professors – including Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva – to the centre’s European and international success.
  • Portecononomics through the maritime expertise of MOSI department academic staff such as Pierre Cariou and Jason Monios. 
  • Network for Business Sustainability thanks to the Sustainable Supply Chain expertise of teaching staff such as Joerg Hofstetter and Anicia Jaegler. 

Our academic staff 

Most of MOSI's staff are members of the Centre of excellence in supply chain management - CESIT - managed by MOSI staff member Frédéric Babonneau  . Some research is also linked to centres of excellence in Sustainability and Food, Wine and Hospitality