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Murielle FRANCILLETTE is an Associate Professor at KEDGE Business School, and Director of the PGE and Bachelor (Parcours Manager Operationnel) in executive education programs in Bordeaux and Marseille. Murielle was previously Deputy Director of Kedge BS's PGE. As graduated of Université Paris Dauphine, with an Executive PhD in Management Sciences, she is also a graduate of the Master Achat International (MAI) program at KEDGE BS and IAE Lyon III. Her research focuses on organizational paradoxes and paradoxical leadership, particularly in the context of innovation and sustainability.  Previously, as an associate researcher at ESSCA in Angers, Murielle was in charge of the European research program "Periscope" (Purchasing Education and Research with an innovative Sustainability Scope). A senior trainer in purchasing, sales and marketing for many years for executive programs, Murielle also has over 20 years' professional experience as a senior manager in multinational companies in France and abroad in purchasing, marketing and sales functions. Murielle is passionate about skills transformation and is certified by INSEAD's International Teaching Program (ITP).  

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