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Pierre Cariou is Senior Professor at Kedge Business School and visiting professor at the Shanghai Maritime University and the​ World Maritime University (WMU). Prior to this, he held the French Chair in Maritime Affairs at WMU and was an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Nantes (France). He completed his PhD on liner shipping strategies and contributed to several reports (CMA CGM, Port Authorities of Nantes and Marseille, Casino Group, NATIXIS Bank...). His main research interests are in hipping/port economics. He is director of the Maritime Governance, Trade and Logistics Lab of KEDGE Supply Chain Center of Excellence (CESIT)  and an Associate Member/Founder of 

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Adland R., Cariou P. & Wolff F.C. (2019). Comparing Transaction-based and Expert-generated Price Indices in the Market for Offshore Support Vessels. Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 53 (1), January, 99-118 2019 Refereed Article
    Cariou P., Parola, F. & Notteboom, T. (2019). Towards low carbon global supply chains: a multi-trade analysis of CO2 emission reductions in container shipping. International Journal of Production Economics, 208, 17-28, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpe.2018.11.016 2019 Refereed Article
    Cheaitou A. & Cariou P. (2019). Greening of maritime transportation: a multi-objectiveoptimization approach, Annals of Operations Research, 273, March, 501-525, 2019 Refereed Article
    Adland, R., Cariou, P., Wolff, F.C. (2018). Does energy efficiency affect ship values in the second-hand market?. Transportation Research Part A, 111, April, 347-359 2018 Refereed Article
    Cariou P., Cheaitou A., Larbi R. & Hamdan S. (2018). Liner shipping network design with emission control areas: A genetic algorithm-based approach. Transportation Research Part D, 63, August, 604-621 2018 Refereed Article
    Graziano, A., Cariou, P., Wolff, F.C., Mejia Jr, M.Q., Schröder-Hinrichs, J.-U. (2018). Port state control inspections in the European Union: Do inspector's number and background matter? Marine Policy, 88, 230-241 2018 Refereed Article
    Adland, R., Cariou, P., Jia, H., Wolff, F.-C. (2018).The energy efficiency effects of periodic ship hull cleaning. Journal of Cleaner Production, 178, 13 p. Online 2018 Refereed Article
    Cheaitou, A., Cariou, P. (2017). A two-stage maritime supply chain optimization model. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 9 (2), 202-232 2017 Refereed Article
    Adland, R., Cariou, P., Wolff, F.C. (2017). What makes a freight market index? An empirical analysis of vessel fixtures in the offshore market. Transportation Research Part E, 104, June, 150-164 2017 Refereed Article
    Roar ADLAND, Pierre CARIOU, François-Charles WOLFF "The influence of charterers and owners on bulk shipping freight", Transportation Research Part E, vol. 86, February 2016, pp. 69-82 2016 Refereed Article
    Sislian, L., Jaegler, A., Cariou, P. (2016), A literature review on port sustainability and ocean's carrier network problem, Research in transportation business and management,. Doi: 10.1016/j.rtbm.2016.03.005 2016 Refereed Article
    Cariou, P. & Faury, O. (2015) Relevance of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) for bulk shipping. Transportation Research Part A, Vol. 78, 337-346. 2015 Refereed Article
    Cariou, P. & Wolff, F.C. (2015) Identifying substandard vessels through Port State Control inspections: A new methodology for Concentrated Inspection Campaigns. Marine Policy, Vol. 60, 27-39. 2015 Refereed Article
    Figueiredo De Oliveira, G. & Cariou, P. (2015) The impact of competition on container port (in)efficiency. Transportation Research Part A, Vol. 78, 124-133. 2015 Refereed Article
    Pierre Cariou, Gabriel Figueiredo de Oliveira "Déterminants de l'efficience portuaire : une analyse des ports à conteneurs méditerranéens", Région et Développement, n° 41-2015, pp. 83-99 2015 Refereed Article
    Cariou, P. & Cheaitou, A. (2014) Cascading effects, network configurations and optimal transshipment volumes in liner shipping. Maritime Economics & Logistics, vol.16, n°3, pp.321-342 September 2014, DOI: 10.1057/mel.2014.4 2014 Refereed Article
    Cariou, P., Fedi, L., & Dagnet, F. (2014) The new governance structure of French seaports: An initial post-evaluation. Maritime Policy & Management, Vol. 41, Issue 5, 430-443. 2014 Refereed Article
    Cariou, P. & Wolff, F.C. (2013) Chartering Practices in Liner Shipping. Maritime Policy & Management Vol. 40, No. 4, 323-338. 2013 Refereed Article
    Notteboom, T. & Cariou, P. (2013) Slow steaming in container liner shipping: Is there any impact on fuel surcharge practices? International Journal of Logistics Management, vol. 24, no.1, 73-86. 2013 Refereed Article
    Cariou, P., Figueirido de Olivera, G. (2013) Transport maritime de charbon et de minerai de fer et efficience portuaire. In Lacoste, R. & Alix, Y. (Eds.) Logistique et Transport des Vracs, (pp.59-76). EMS Management et Sociétés. 2013 Chapter
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    Cariou P., Wolff F-C., (2010), La future réglementation de l’OMI sur les émissions de CO2 :Les conséquences d’une approche par types de navires, Revue Maritime, N° 488. 2010 Refereed Article
    Wolff F-C., Cariou P., (2010). Le contrôle des navires par l’Etat du Port : Une analyse des critères de sélection des navires à inspecter. Annales de l’Institut Méditerranéen des Transports Maritimes, 229-238. 2010 Refereed Article
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    Cariou P., Wolff F-C. (2010). La détention des navires par les Etats du port: Une application uniforme des règles ? Annuaire de Droit Maritime et Océanique, Tome XXVIII,411-427. 2010 Chapter
    Lun V., Cariou P, (2009), DEA Application to container ports, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 1(4): 419-438. 2009 Refereed Article
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