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After 17 years of teaching experience, and multiple experiences as director of corporate communication, Evelyne Lombardo defended a thesis in Information and Communication at the University and qualified as a lecturer in 2007. His research interests concern the virtual images, especially the effects of a 3D immersive and interactive course (with headset and 360 degrees vision in the virtual environment) and these effects on cognition (explicit long term memory). Her teaching areas are management, organizational psychology, personal development, communication innovation and creativity. Teacher-researcher for 15 years, passionate about teaching she continued her research on the issues of the relationship between learning, cognition and virtual images. She joined the LSIS (Laboratory of Science of Information and System), CNRS in 2012.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    JAOTOMBO, F., L. ADORNI, O. ALLAL-CHERIF, E. LOMBARDO, "Improving Healthcare by Optimizing Hospital Length of Stay with Explainable Artificial Intelligence"" Forthcoming Annals of Operations Research 2024 Journal article
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    LOMBARDO, E., "Evaluation des étudiants à l'ère de l'Intelligence Artificielle : l'impact de ChatGPT" Forthcoming Management des Technologies Organisationnelles 2024 Journal article
    LOMBARDO, E., S. PAIXAO BARRADAS, "Design pour l'innovation sociale par l'apprentissage de l'engagement", Management des Technologies Organisationnelles, 2022, vol. 14, pp. 163-173 2022 Journal article
    ALLAL-CHÉRIF, O., E. LOMBARDO, F. JAOTOMBO, "Serious games for managers:creating cognitive, financial, technological, social and emotional value in in-service training", Journal of Business Research, 2022, vol. 146, no. 12941, pp. 166-175 2022 Journal article
    LOMBARDO, E., S. AGOSTINELLI, "Ethique et Intelligence Artificielle", Management des Technologies Organisationnelles, 2021 2021 Journal article
    OCHS, M., D. MESTRE, G. DE MONTCHEUIL, J.-M. PERGANDI, J. SAUBESTY, E. LOMBARDO, D. FRANCON, P. BLACHE, "Training doctors’ social skills to break bad news: evaluation of the impact of virtual environment displays on the sense of presence", Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 2019, vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 41-51 2019 Journal article
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