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Presentation of the International BBA - Dual Degree Programme India

  • Programme Overview

Replay of our last Campus Channel live of the 21st November, with Valérie Angles - IBBA Director and Arun Nandu Ramalingam - American student in 1st year, International BBA

campus of Marseille

Valérie ANGLES

Director of International BBA

2 years in India, 2 years in France


Through this joint program, you will pursue two initial years of study in India, at JAGSoM, Karjat (near Mumbai). During this period, the innovative curriculum of JAGSoM´s Bachelor degree in Business Administration  (BBA) will be complemented with French language instruction to ensure the maximization of opportunities during the second part of the program.

In the second period, you will study in France for the remaining two years to graduate with both a Bachelor degree from JAGSoM and the International Bachelor in Business Administration (IBBA) from Kedge, both officially recognized by the educational authorities of India and France and accredited by AACSB making it the only degree of its kind in India and at an extremely affordable price point.

In a globalised world, you will be a valuable asset to your future employer, or to your own business venture, because you will understand both local and situational differences, which are key ingredients in order to be successful. Most of all, you will be ready for a changing, interconnected professional world. 

Throughout the program, you will enjoy the top-level services and academic quality offered by the two highly reputed institutions, internationally accredited and globally ranked. Conceived to be a springboard to an international career, graduates ofthis joint program will be able to pursue further studies or a career anywhere in the world, enjoying the unique network of companies and academic partners of high reputation that both institutions jointly provide.


Programme's Labels : Bienvenue en France CEFDG


Skills developed

  • International environment and geopolitics
  • Data management and information systems
  • Operations management
  • Intercultural management
  • Financial analysis
  • Project management
  • Human resources in a global context