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Thierry ROQUES (PhD) is Professor in Supply Chain Management at KEDGE Business School.  He teaches Freight Transport, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics at the KEDGE Masters Programmes and directs research activities in SCM, Sustainable SCM and logistics outsourcing. His research focuses on Inter-organisational relationships, LSPs, Purchasing in the service industry and sustainable SCM. He is also researching on the Management of creativity. He is a member of the Supply Chain Campus in France. He is also Pedagogic Director at the Supply Chain Business School of Orange International Group He is teaching in many universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    JAEGLER, A., T. ROQUES, Les pratiques de la supply chain durable, ISTE Editions, 2024 2024 Book
    JAEGLER, A., T. ROQUES, Sustainable Supply Chain Management: Sustainable Decision Support, Wiley-ISTE Ltd, 2023 2023 Book
    JAEGLER, A., T.ROQUES, Construire avec succès une supply chain durable, Ellipses Marketing, Paris, France, 2017 2017 Book
    MONLOUBOU, A., A.JAEGLER, T.ROQUES - "Supercoop ou comment répondre aux enjeux d’une supply chain alimentaire en circuits" - 2017, CCMP 2017 Case Study
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    Les entreprises à l’heure de la logistique durable Anicia JAEGLER Published in The Conversation
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