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Thierry ROQUES

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Thierry ROQUES (PhD) is Professor in Supply Chain Management at KEDGE Business School.  He teaches Freight Transport, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics at the KEDGE Masters Programmes and directs research activities in SCM, Sustainable SCM and logistics outsourcing. His research focuses on Inter-organisational relationships, LSPs, Purchasing in the service industry and sustainable SCM. He is also researching on the Management of creativity. He is a member of the Supply Chain Campus in France. He is also Pedagogic Director at the Supply Chain Business School of Orange International Group

He is teaching in many universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    Monloubou, A., Jaegler, A., Roques, T. (2017). Supercoop ou comment répondre aux enjeux d’une supply chain alimentaire en circuits courts ?. Cas CCMP, collection Kedge, KEDGE-PL-002, juin 2017 Case Study
    Jaegler. A., Roques, T. (2017). Construire avec succès votre supply chain durable, Paris : Éllipses (kit pratique), 216 p. 2017 Book
    Thierry ROQUES Optimisez votre chaîne Logistique : prévoir la demande, gérer les approvisionnements et les stocks, La Plaine St Denis : Afnor Éditions (Gestion Futée), mai 2015, 100 p 2015 Book
    Seock-Jin HONG ; Ik-Hwan KWONG ; Thierry ROQUES ; Nizar BRAHIM. "Affects of Transaction Cost and Social Exchange Constructs on Trust in Supply Chain Relationship", Journal of Transport Research, vol. 20, n°1, 30 March 2013, pp. 109-125 2013 Refereed Article
    Thierry ROQUES ; J.C. DESCHAMPS “Comment bien contracter sa solution transport ? ", WEKA – Chapterter in Solutions Pratiques Logistique et Supply Chain, Questions-Réponses, Paris : éditions WEKA, mars 2013 2013 Chapter
    Oihab ALLAL-CHERIF, Thierry ROQUES La gestion de la chaîne logistique de LA HALLE ! Un grand distributeur de l'habillement, Étude de Case Study, CCMP N°I0105 2013 Case Study
    Y. CHAI ; O. CHANUT ; V. MICHON ; Thierry ROQUES "La mutualisation logistique pour des Supply Chains durables", in N. Fabbe-Costes et G. Paché (dirs.) La logistique : une approche innovante des organisations, Aix en Provence (France) : PUP, Presses Universitaires de Provence (Travail et Gouvernance), 271 pp. 2013 Chapter
    ROQUES, Thierry ; DESCHAMPS, J.C. “La maîtrise du transport dans le contrat commercial international : les incoterms 2010 ", in Solutions Pratiques Logistique et Supply Chain, Editions WEKA (Questions-Réponses), septembre  2011 2011 Chapter
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