The Management department at KEDGE is composed of professors from diverse professional and geographic backgrounds.

Management Department

Their teaching and research subjects are related to the management field and, closely linked with KEDGE values: 

  • Discover the everyday management of humans in the company and the work organization: Human resources management and organizational behaviour
  • Decode diversity, understand the different social and cultural codes and the collective and individual motivation levels: Diversity at the workplace, International / intercultural management, the specific context of international business
  • Drive your team’s motivation in an innovative, ethical and mindful approach, creating commitment in the company's strategy: Leadership, Team management, Personal development - in connection with Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Develop your vision of a leader from specific angles: Art and culture in business, Creative industries, linguistics applied to management and Complexity management at the workplace 

Educational commitment 

  • Valérie ANGLÈS, Director of the international IBBA programme
  • Anne GOMBAULT, Director of the MSc Arts & Creative Industries Management 
  • Xavier HOLLANDTS, responsible of the Entrepreneurship Major of the PGE, the Grande Ecole Programme, in Bordeaux.
  • Alfredo JIMENEZ, responsible of the HR Major of the PGE in Bordeaux.
  • Johannes KRAAK, Deputy Director of the PGE in Bordeaux. 
  • Arnaud LACAN, Deputy Director of the PGE in Marseille and responsible of the Responsible Management major in Marseille. 
  • Gerald LANG, Academic Director of the ExecEd ISLI - Global Supply Chain Management and ISMQ - Quality System - Safety - Environment Manager programs. 
  • Marc OHANA, responsible of HR specialisation in the 3rd year Bachelor KBA and in the apprenticeship PGE Master 2
  • Olivier STUL, responsible of the IMR Specialised Master in Risk management. 

Our professors

Pedagogy Team

Chairs and Centres of Expertise

News, Conferences and Seminars

  • Marc OHANA organised the 30th AGRH Congres in Bordeaux from 13 to 15 november 2019 
  • Anne GOMBAULT invited  Jean-François CHANLAT  to host a webinar « Le management à l'épreuve du travail, de la culture et de la société : un regard anthropologique »  11 may 2020. 

“At Kedge, human capital is at the centre. Because without individuals, there would be no firms. The success of the firm is closely linked to a careful HR & managerial policies” Dorra YAHIAOUI


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