Management Department

The Management department at KEDGE consists of professors from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds.


Management Department

Their teaching and research subjects are related to the management field and closely linked with KEDGE values: 

  • Discover the everyday management of the workforce within a company as well as the working organisation: Human resources management and organisational behaviour.
  • Understand the different social and cultural codes, the collective and individual motivation levels, diversity at the workplace, international & intercultural management, the specific context of international businesses.
  • Drive your team’s motivation with an innovative, ethical and mindful approach, creating commitment in the company's strategy: Leadership, Team management, Personal development - in connection with Corporate Social Responsibility .
  • Develop your leadership vision from different angles: Art and culture in business, creative industries, linguistics applied to management and complexity management at the workplace.
  • The Management department also has a team of experts dedicated to international trade and geopolitics, closely connected to the International Business Research Center.

Educational commitment 

Professors in the Management department teach in all programs, both in initial training (PGE, KB, IBBA, EBP, MS, and MSc) and in continuing education. 

  • Xavier HOLLANDTS Entrepreneurship Major Manager for the PGE (Grande Ecole Programme), in Bordeaux.
  • Alfredo JIMENEZ,  HR Major Manager for the PGE in Bordeaux.
  • Marc OHANA,  HR specialisation Manager in the 3rd year Bachelor KBA and in the apprenticeship PGE Master 2
  • Muriel ALDAY is responsible for the Entrepreneurship Track in PGE. 
  • Hugh Gerald LEE is responsible for the CSR major in PGE. 
  • Ghulam MURTAZA is responsible for the Management track for PGE apprenticeship students.
  • Zare KAMBIZ is responsible for the International Business & Geopolitics major for PGE. 
  •  Valérie ANGLES is responsible for the IBBA Track "Doing Business in Emerging Markets" for the IBBA program.
  • Cuiling JIANG is responsible for the course "Dark Side of Management Science." 

They also supervise Master's and Doctoral theses.

Our professors

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