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Arnaud LACAN

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PhD in Economics and graduated from the political sciences institute of Aix en Provence, expert in insurance economics, he worked for 15 years in an insurance company as marketing and sales force manager. For 2 years he is associated professor at KEDGE Business School in the department of management and he is a specialist in new managerial practices like postmodern management, trust and management, care and management, quality of working life, digital management… He teaches management in master program and he is in charge of a specialization in negotiation management in third year of the bachelor program. He also teaches team management and leadership in the executive education master. In the executive center he is also in charge of management seminaries for several national and international companies like GFI, CMA CGM, Audiens, Domo France… in Paris, Bordeaux, Abidjan… That is to say he manages the customer relationship from tender to debriefing and he designs the courses. Finally, he gives conferences on the themes of the management by cooperation, the collaborative economy…

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    LACAN, A., "Les valeurs comme moteur de performance managériale : focus sur les entreprises de l'ESS" Forthcoming Gestion 2000 2019 Journal article
    LACAN, A., "Think tank: Meaningful management in postmodern society", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, February 2019, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 6-10 2019 Journal article
    LACAN, A., "Mieux-être au travail : gadget RH ou vrai levier de performance pour les entreprises ?", Management & Sciences Sociales, 1952-32621952-3262 2017, vol. 22, pp. 14-38 2017 Journal article
    LACAN, A., "La postmodernité dans l’entreprise : quel manager pour relever le défi ?", Management & Avenir, 1768-5958 2016, vol. 90, no. 8, pp. 195-217 2016 Journal article
    SILVA, F., A.LACAN, "Le renouvellement des pratiques managériales, la numéritie : comment le numérique bouleverse l’organisation des entreprises et leur management", Futuribles, Fall 2015, vol. 408, no. 408, pp. 57-65 2015 Journal article

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