Five fundamental pillars

In order to meet its three promises, KEDGE bases its strategy on five fundamental pillars. These 5 pillars also support its transformation plan, which is broken down into 26 projects whose implementation is monitored in a demanding and regular manner.

Student experience

In order to offer a fluid, original and engaging student experience, KEDGE is further strengthening its organisation and its cross-functional resources, enabling it to better understand and animate the drivers of satisfaction and to strengthen its proximity to its students.
In this spirit, a student experience department has been created and student committees by theme are set up monthly in order to monitor results and improve action plans.
This approach is perfectly integrated into KEDGE's action-based pedagogy by making students actors and contributors. KEDGE aims to improve its Net Promoter Score by 15 points by 2025.

Employee engagement

To maintain the high level of commitment of its employees, KEDGE aims to give meaning to management and work, to develop human wealth and to communicate on commitment.
The Management Committee will be responsible for measuring this level of commitment and the School is considering a multi-year commitment survey.


In order to strengthen its positioning and ambitions in terms of CSR, the School has grouped all its initiatives and the organisation deployed on this subject under a single, meaningful banner, KEDGE IMPAKT. Its effectiveness is measured by a sustainable development committee.
KEDGE has chosen the Positive Impact Rating (a benchmark assessment by students of the impact and positive influence of schools on society) as a synthetic performance indicator.
The school has set itself the goal of moving from level 3 to level 4 "transforming" by 2025 and thus joining the top ten institutions ranked worldwide.


The mission of the Dean for Inclusiveness, Anicia Jaegler, is both global and cross-cutting.
When we talk about inclusiveness, we mean taking into account all forms of discrimination, such as gender, sexual orientation, religion, geographical and social origin, disability, but also territorial (rural versus urban).
KEDGE is working on the implementation of an inclusiveness index to better assess its level of diversity. The Sustainable Development Committee will also be responsible for measuring this pillar.

Economic performance

Economic performance is a tool used by KEDGE to deliver its vision and its promises.
The school has opted for a strategy of growth and development through its establishment in Paris, increasing the number of students in its programmes, especially  MS/MSc, and expanding its range of Executive Education programmes.
In order to ensure its development, KEDGE will ensure that it is able to invest in new resources while preserving its economic solidity. The Management Committee will continue to regularly evaluate its performance.