Keeping your skills up-to-date

In order to respond to the major challenge of skills obsolescence, KEDGE is present throughout the careers of its graduates, students and future students. The school is committed to ensuring that their skills are always up-to-date.

Training for life

The school does not stop after graduation. There is a training continuum in place to ensure constant competency acquisition.

Be-U, an original and unique approach

This approach begins with the Be-U pedagogy and a platform dedicated to the training and development of our students throughout their studies. One of KEDGE's priorities is to help students  to get to know themselves and define their professional project, according to their values and aspirations. 
Be-U is a personal and professional support structure created by KEDGE to develop and promote students' soft skills.

Executive Education

In order to support professionals, we are focusing on teaching that responds to the new skills requirements raised by the multiple transitions that organisations now face (digital, data-driven, mobility, social and corporate), in conjunction with the school's centres of excellence:

  • Marketing & new consumption
  • Food, wine and hospitality
  • Sustainable development
  • Supply chain

But also its centres of expertise:

  • Creative industries and culture
  • Health and innovation
  • Finance reconsidered - SEEFAR

In this regard, KEDGE has introduced certificates and badges that have been specifically developed, some in partnership with recognised business partners, to allow its community to develop and update its competencies.

Giving a taste for entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship is an integral part of the educational method deployed by KEDGE and to that end is an important element of its educational identity and operational  method. 

Learning to dare, daring to undertake 

Learning by doing is a pillar of KEDGE teaching strategy. As a trailblazer in the field, we are convinced that learning through projects and experience deeply changes students' personal and professional development and prepares them for the issues they will face as future managers.

During their studies, in parallel with their classes, all students  must therefore complete at least one Pro-Act, 'project-action', which must be validated in order to be awarded their degree. 

Through Pro-Acts, the students are not only guaranteed a project which is close to their heart but also a chance to manage a real project working in a team.

 Thanks to the Pro-Acts, everyone is in a position to take responsibility and risks, develop their capacity to undertake,  learn from their failures, by committing themselves and experimenting.

The entrepreneurial school 

In terms of inclusive innovation, KEDGE has launched the Ecole Entrepreneuriale: a 3-year course on its Marseille-Luminy campus.
KEDGE helps the high school graduates in this programme to make their project a reality  by providing them with: a specific pathway for "Learning to be an Entrepreneur", a unique location (the Accelerator), its knowledge, pedagogical specialists and entrepreneurship professionals.

The Open Innovation Challenge 

This challenge is designed to encourage students to be curious about entrepreneurship, through play, enthusiasm, passion and collaborative work, while learning about agile management methods. 

Creating synergies with companies

Our mission is to support the collective and individual transformation of companies and their employees, through the deployment of innovative and impactful systems. The development of skills and the creation of new professional practices is based on the partnership between research professors and companies.