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Florine Livat gets her PhD. in Economics in 2005. Her field is applied microeconomics and her works focus on markets in an information asymmetry context, especially wine markets. She studies reputation, prices, expertise, and gender issues in the wine industry, among others. She has published academic articles in several journals: Food Policy, Applied Economics, Economics Bulletin, Economie et Prévision, Applied Economics Letters, Journal of Wine Economics, Wine Economics and Policy, International Journal of Wine Business Research. She worked several years as an economic analyst for a wine broker in Bordeaux before joining Kedge Business School in 2006. Member of the American Association of Wine Economists, she has also contributed to create the research group 'Bordeaux Wine Economics' and is a founding member of the European Association of Wine Economists. At KEDGE Business School, Florine was the academic head of the specialized master in Wine and Spirits Management from 2007 to 2011. She is currently Associate Professor of economics, teaches in French and in English, from Bachelor students to Executive education, Principles of Microeconomics, Wine Economics, Research Methods and Econometrics.

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
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