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    Gergaud, O., Livat, F., Rickard, B., Warzynski, F. (2017). Evaluating the net benefits of collective reputation: The case of Bordeaux Wine. Food Policy, 71, August, 8–16 2017 Refereed Article
    Plantiga, A., Gergaud, O., Ringeval-Deluze, A. (2017). Anchored in the Past: Persistent Price Effects of Obsolete Vineyard Ratings in France. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 133, January, 39-51 2017 Refereed Article
    Magalie DELMAS ; Olivier GERGAUD, "Does organic wine taste better? An analysis of experts’ ratings", Journal of Wine Economics, Forthcoming 2016 Refereed Article
    Renaud LUNARDO ; Olivier GERGAUD ; Florine LIVAT-PÉCHEUX (2015) Celebrities as human brands: An investigation of the effects of personality and time on celebrities' appeal", Journal of Marketing Management, Special Issue on Celebrity Convergence & Transformation, vol. 31, n°5-6, 685-712 2015 Refereed Article
    Magali DELMAS ; Olivier GERGAUD, “Sustainable Certification for Future Generations: the Case of the Wine Industry”, Family Business Review, Vol. 27, n°3, 228-243. 2014 Refereed Article
    Olivier GERGAUD ; Karl STORCHMANN ; Vincenzo VERARDI (2015) Expert Opinion and Product Quality: Evidence from New York City Restaurants. Economic Inquiry, Vol. 53, n°2, 812–835 2015 Refereed Article
    Olivier GERGAUD ; Tom COUPE "Suspicious Blood and Performance in Professional Cycling", Journal of Sports Economic, vol. 14, n°5, 1 October 2013, pp. 546-559 2013 Refereed Article
    Olivier GERGAUD ; Victor GINSBURGH ; Florine LIVAT. « Success of Celebrities: Talent, Intelligence or Beauty? », Economics Bulletin,vol. 32, issue 4, 2012, pp. 3120-3127 2012 Refereed Article
    Olivier Gergaud and William T. Ziemba . Great Investors: Their Methods, Results, and Evaluation, Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer 2012, Vol. 38, No. 4: pp. 128–147 2012 Refereed Article
    Les stratégies de différenciation des produits par la télévision. Une analyse économétrique des caractéristiques des films financés par les chaînes, with F. Benhamou & N. Moureau, Economie et Prévision, 2009, 188(2), 101-112. 2009 Refereed Article
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