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Sajjad M. Jasimuddin is Senior Professor at KEDGE Business School. Previously, he was a member of the faculty at Aberystwyth University (UK), Southampton University (UK), King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia) and University of Dhaka (Bangladesh). He is a visiting Professor at Renmin University of China (IFC) and the University of Dubai (UAE). He received a BCom(Hons.) and a MCom from Dhaka University, an MPhil from Cambridge University (Trinity College), and a PhD from Southampton University. Sajjad has authored a text book, 15 chapters, and 109 articles in such as  International Business Review, European Journal of Operational Research, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Annals of Regional Science, Thunderbird International Business Review, Information Systems Journal, European Management Journal, Production Planning & Control, Information Systems Management, Journal of Operational Research Society, Management Decision,  Journal of Global Information Management, British Journal of Healthcare Management, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Journal of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, and International Journal of Organizational Analysis.  He is an Associate Editor of  Journal of Global Information Management and  International Journal of Collaborative Engineering. Sajjad is an editorial member and reviewer of various journals including Information Resource Management Journal, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management,  and Internataional Business Review. 

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    HRIDE, F.,, F., F. FERDOUSI, F., S. JASIMUDDIN, "Linking perceived price fairness, customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty: A structural equation modeling of Facebook-based e-commerce in Bangladesh", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 2022, vol. 41, no. 3, pp. 41-54 2022 Journal article
    HUO, X., S. JASIMUDDIN, K. ZHENG, Z. ZHANG, "Exploring the Risks of International SupplyChain Financial Warehouse Receipts Pledge Model: A Structural Equation Approach", Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal, 2022 2022 Journal article
    JASIMUDDIN, S., M. WU, Y. LIU, Z. J. ZHANG, "Rethinking Cross-border Mobile Payment Ecosystems: A Process Study of Platform Complementors, Network Effect Holes, Transaction Costs and Task Module Boundaries  ", International Business Review, 2022 2022 Journal article
    SRIVASTAVA, P., S. JASIMUDDIN, Z. ZHANG, P. EACHEMPATI, S. TRIVEDI , "The response of the scientific community to a global crisis: a systematic review of COVID-19 research in 2020", British Journal of Healthcare Management,, 2022, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 1-8 2022 Journal article
    RAHMAN, S., Z. ISLAM, M. HOSSAIN, D. A. ABDULLAH, S. JASIMUDDIN, "Organizational factors, ICT support and affective commitment: The case of Bangladesh-based service organizations", Journal of Global Information Management, 2022, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 1-18 2022 Journal article
    XIA, H., T. WANG, T. WAN, Z. ZHANG, S. JASIMUDDIN, J. WENG, "Peer-to-peer lending platform risk analysis: an early warning model based on multi-dimensional information", Journal of Risk Finance, 2022, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 303-323 2022 Journal article
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    NAKSHABANDI, M., S. JASIMUDDIN, "The linkage between open innovation, absorptive capacity and managerial ties: A cross-country perspective", Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 2022, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 100167 2022 Journal article
    JASIMUDDIN, S., F. SACI , "Creating a culture to avoid knowledge hiding within an organization: The role of management support.", Frontiers in Psychology, 2022, vol. 13, pp. 850989 2022 Journal article
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    ZHANG, B., G. PENG, C. LIU,, Z. ZHANG, S. JASIMUDDIN, "Adaptation Behavior in Using One-Stop Smart Governance Apps: An Exploratory Study Between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives", Electronic Markets, 2022 2022 Journal article
    ALMURAQAB, N., S. JASIMUDDIN, W. MANSOOR, "An empirical study of perception of the end-users on the acceptance of smart E-government services: An empirical study in the UAE", Journal of Global Information Management, 2021, vol. 29, no. 6, pp. 1-29 2021 Journal article
    RAKSHIT, S., S. MONDAL, N. ISLAM, S. JASIMUDDIN, Z. ZHANG, "Social media and the New Product Development during COVID-19: An integrated model for SMEs", Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2021, vol. 170, pp. 120869 2021 Journal article
    AHMED, K., S. JASIMUDDIN, "Linkage Between Communication Satisfaction, HRM Practices, Person-Organization Fit, and Commitment: Evidence From Malaysia", IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 2021, vol. 64, no. 1, pp. 23-37 2021 Journal article
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    SACI, F., S. JASIMUDDIN, "Does the Research done by the Institutional Investors Affect the Cost of Equity Capital?", Finance Research Letters, 2021, vol. 41, pp. 101834 2021 Journal article
    OUVRARD, S., S. JASIMUDDIN, A. SPIGA, "Does Sustainability Push to Reshape Business Models? Evidence from the European Wine Industry", Sustainability, 2020, vol. 12, no. 2561, pp. 1-13 2020 Journal article
    ABDOU, D., S. JASIMUDDIN, "The Use of the UTAUT Model in the Adoption of E-Learning Technologies - An Empirical Study in France based Banks", Journal of Global Information Management, 2020, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 38-51 2020 Journal article
    JASIMUDDIN, S., J.LI, N.PERDIKIS,, "An empirical study of the role of knowledge characteristics and tools on knowledge transfer in China-based Multinationals.", . Journal of Global Information Management , 2019, vol. 27(1), pp. 165-195 2019 Journal article
    RAHIM, M. A., Z.MA, C.-S.QUAH, M. S.RAHMAN, S.JASIMUDDIN, L.SHAW, A.OZYILMAZ, "Intelligent entrepreneurship and firm performance: A cross-cultural investigation", Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 2019, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 475-493 2019 Journal article
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    JASIMUDDIN, S., N.MISHRA, N.A. SAIF ALMURAQAB, "Modelling the factors that influence the acceptance of digital technologies in e-government services in the UAE: a PLS-SEM Approach", Production Planning & Control, 2017, vol. 28, no. 16, pp. 1307-1317 2017 Journal article
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    JASIMUDDIN, S., M.MANIRUZZAMAN, "Resource Nationalism Specter Hovers Over The Oil Industry: The Transnational Corporate Strategy To Tackle Resource Nationalism Risks", Journal of Applied Business Research, 2016, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 387 400 2016 Journal article
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