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Anne Norheim-Hansen is Associate Professor of Strategy at KEDGE Business School. She holds a PhD in management sciences (SKEMA Business School & Aix-Marseille University), an MSc in research, and an MA in public communication and public relations. Her research is mainly focused on strategic alliances, environmental strategy and corporate reputation, and has been published in British Journal of Management, Business Horizons, Business Strategy and the Environment, European Journal of International Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Management International Review, Organization & Environment, and the book Interpartner Dynamics in Strategic Alliances. Earlier professional experience includes positions in the media and telecommunication industries in London, New York, Oslo, and Paris. 

    Recent publications
    Publication Year of publication Type of publication
    DONMEZ, M., A. NORHEIM-HANSEN, "Unlocking Effective Coordination: A Knowledge-Based Multilevel Perspective on Supplier Integration into Product Development", Journal of Supply Chain Management, 2024, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 22-38 2024 Journal article
    COMYNS, B., P.-X. MESCHI, A. NORHEIM-HANSEN, "Firms' responses to environmental misconduct accusations under the condition of contested practice complexity: Evidence from the palm oil production industry", Business Strategy and the Environment, 2023, vol. 32, no. 8, pp. 5332-5348 2023 Journal article
    NORHEIM-HANSEN, A., "Green supplier development: What’s in it for you, the buyer?", Business Horizons, 2023, vol. 66, pp. 101-107 2023 Journal article
    COMYNS, B., P. -X. MESCHI, A. NORHEIM-HANSEN, "Cut Them Loose? Firms’ Response Strategies to Environmental Misconduct by Supplying Firms", Organization and Environment, 2022, vol. 35, no. 3, pp. 335-364 2022 Journal article
    NORHEIM-HANSEN, A., P.-X. MESCHI, "De-Escalate Commitment? Firm Responses to the Threat of Negative Reputation Spillovers from Alliance Partners’ Environmental Misconduct", Journal of Business Ethics, 2021, vol. 173, no. 3, pp. 599-616 2021 Journal article
    MESCHI, P.-X., A. NORHEIM-HANSEN, "Partner-diversity Effects on Alliance Termination in the Early Stage of Green Alliance Formation: Empirical Evidence from Carbon-emission Reduction Projects in Latin America", Business Strategy and the Environment, 2020, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 250-261 2020 Journal article
    AVETISYAN, E., Y. BARUCH, P.-X. MESCHI, E. METAIS, A. NORHEIM-HANSEN, "Tying the acquirer’s human resource management quality to cross-border acquisition divestment probability: Curvilinear connection with slacklining", British Journal of Management, 2020, vol. 31, pp. 568-588 2020 Journal article
    NORHEIM-HANSEN, A., "The Virtues of Green Strategies: Some Empirical Support from the Alliance Context", Journal of Business Ethics, 2018, vol. 151, no. 4, pp. 1161-1173 2018 Journal article
    MESCHI, P.-X., A.NORHEIM-HANSEN, E. L.RICCIO, "Match-Making in International Joint Ventures in Emerging Economies: Aligning Asymmetric Financial Strength and Equity Stake", Management International Review, 2017, vol. 57, pp. 411-440 2017 Journal article
    NORHEIM-HANSEN, A., "To Ally or Not to Ally and Why High-Reputation Firms can Gain Reputation from Selecting Lower-Reputation Partners", European Journal of International Management, 2017, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 227-250 2017 Journal article
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