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Dr Dirk C Moosmayer is Professor in the Strategy department of KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux. He earned his PhD at the University of Hannover. Prior to joining KEDGE, he worked eight years at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China and held visiting positions globally including Imperial College London teaching at its MSc Strategic Marketing. His research focusses on integrating firm, consumer, and civil society perspectives around responsible management and supply chain responsibility. Recent work focuses on understanding how Chinese consumers consider social and environmental concerns in their choices between domestic and foreign brands. He is further interested in Responsible Management Learning & Education. He serves as an associate editor to Business Ethics : A European Review and did so to the Academy of Management Learning & Education (2015-17). He further serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Business Ethics, Business & Society, and Journal of Management Inquiry.

    Recent publications
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    MOOSMAYER, D., C. PARKES, O. LAASCH, K. G. BROWN, "Introduction: Establishing and Questioning the Responsible Management Learning and Education Discipline" in The SAGE Handbook of Responsible Management Learning and Education., Dirk C. Moosmayer, Oliver Laasch, Carole Parkes & Kenneth G. Brown Eds, Sage, pp. xxiv-xli, 2020 2020 Book chapter
    CHEN, Y., D. MOOSMAYER, "When Guilt is Not Enough: Interdependent Self-Construal as Moderator of the Relationship Between Guilt and Ethical Consumption in a Confucian Context", Journal of Business Ethics, 2020, vol. 161, no. 3, pp. 551-572 2020 Journal article
    LAASCH, O., D. MOOSMAYER, E. ANTONACOPOULOU, S. SCHALTEGGER, "Constellations of Transdisciplinary Practices: A Map and Research Agenda for the Responsible Management Learning Field", Journal of Business Ethics, 2020, vol. 162, pp. 735–757 2020 Journal article
    MOOSMAYER, D., M. D. -A. ABDULRAHMAN, N. SUBRAMANIAN, L. BERGKVIST, "Strategic and operational remanufacturing mental models", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 2020, vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 173-195 2020 Journal article
    LAASCH, O., D.MOOSMAYER, F.ARP, "Responsible Practices in the Wild: An Actor-Network Perspective on Mobile Apps in Learning as Translation(s)", Journal of Business Ethics, 2020, vol. 161, no. 2, pp. 253-277 2020 Journal article
    MOOSMAYER, D., Y.CHEN, S. M.DAVIS, "Deeds Not Words: A Cosmopolitan Perspective on the Influences of Corporate Sustainability and NGO Engagement on the Adoption of Sustainable Products in China", Journal of Business Ethics, 2019, vol. 158, no. 1, pp. 135-154 2019 Journal article
    MOOSMAYER, D., S.WADDOCK, L.WANG, M. P.HÜHN, C.DIERKSMEIER, C.GOHL, "Leaving the Road to Abilene: A Pragmatic Approach to Addressing the Normative Paradox of Responsible Management Education", Journal of Business Ethics, 2019, vol. 157, no. 4, pp. 913-932 2019 Journal article
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